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Pfizer – Vaccine Shows Strong Hope Around

Pfizer and BioNTech create new hope regarding the covid-19 pandemic. Since the vaccine has developed by an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer Inc. According to them, the vaccine shows promise results and has 90% effective on the initial trial.

Covid Vaccine

Pfizer made the covid-19 vaccine has to recommence new hope among the leaders, scientist from all over the world. Global investors have also attracted the initial results of a vaccine prepared by Pfizer. The vaccine is not yet declared officially as it would be passing through the approval process must be guided by science. After the preliminary result, the officials of Pfizer revealed that the vaccine is safe for use. But we are still waiting for the remaining data what would it says about the effectivity of vaccine.


Donald Trump said in a tweet that the vaccine is coming soon and our stock market has risen up, we are going in the right direction. This is really great news for us.

A Covid Vaccine endorsement measure must be guided by science. So the general population can have certainty it is protected and powerful, Biden said on Monday. Notice that the United States is as yet confronting a dull winter and that an immunization probably won’t be accessible for quite a long time.

Announcement of US Health and Human Services Secretary

Alex Azar the secretary of human service said on Monday, that Pfizer will have to submit their data to the FDA. The data will be revised and undergo the review process once it will submit. FDA will analyze the data provided and will give its output whether it will be safe for public use.

In another release the senior official from WHO Bruce Aylward said, this result is just initial data-driven result. There is a lot of work to do with this vaccine no doubt we already got some good and handy results today. It will really help us to end this pandemic and chance for the whole world to stand back.


Joe Biden the elected president said that I am happy to hear the positive news for the vaccine. But we still have to be responsible and wear a face mask until the vaccine is available for use. Guide the one who is not following the SOP’s guide your neighbor to wear mask it is for you. This is not a political statement he added.

Justin Trudeau the Canadian prime minister also closes remarks about the vaccine. He said that hopefully, we are going out of the dark. The professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford John Bell expresses his feelings. He said while did an interview with BBC Radio that I am very happy to hear about the strong promise showing of this vaccine. But still, we would have the challenge to face regarding its distribution.

We will face the challenge obviously as we did like this the good news is we are going to solve this must needed issue. Moreover, the head of Economic Research Chris Scicluna said, the outcomes have not been peer looked into yet. Yet it is positive. They (Pfizer) are additionally increasing their creation gauges and that is positive.”

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