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Moderna Looking for approval in US and Europe

Moderna seeks for the US and European emergency regulatory approval of its covid vaccine. After the approval of the authorities, the vaccine can be recommended for use.

According to the data released by modern after Clinical trials. Studies revealed the effectiveness of the vaccine with above 94% protection level. Authorities will analyze the data received from the modern vaccine (mRNA) of its trial period. The decision will depend on its safe and effective use if it is enough to and nominated to spread out.

Another vaccine Pfizer has also shown similar results of its effectiveness. It also applied for the approval of US regularities

While if we talk about UK regulators, they also analyzing the data on the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine AstraZeneca prepared by Oxford is also receiving attention for approval of emergency use. They get the data of its trial result and reviewing it to verify whether it will be promising.

According to Moderna officials, they are confident to get approval from the UK government soon. The results were gathered after the vaccination applied to high-risk volunteers like the elderly. Almost 30,000 volunteers take part in the process and they said it works.

In the detailed study, almost 15,000 volunteers got the real vaccine & other contributors got alternative placebo injections. The report said that there were no significant side effects appear.

Comparison of different vaccines

Pros & Cons

There are three strong vaccines that are at the upfront approval race. Among these three candidates, The AstraZeneca vaccine is cheaper than Pfizer as it is  £3 ($4) for a dose & Pfizer is £15 ($20). While Moderna’s price is expected to £25 ($33).

About the distribution process of the vaccine, it is quite a smoother process because it just needs a normal temperature to store not ultra-low temperatures.

The new minister of UK Nadhim Zahawi expresses that, according to my opinion everyone will see the normalization of the entire country.

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