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Manufacturing of Wooden satellites in Japan

In Japan, Kyoto University and private company Sumitomo Forestry have started research on making Wooden satellites out of wood. He hopes to build the first such satellite by 2023.

Wooden satellites would be helpful to solve the issue of space pollution increasing. According to BBC International, the purpose of building these satellites is to solve the problem of ‘space junk’, which is becoming increasingly serious.

Even now, the amount of space debris orbiting the Earth is enormous. Consisting of 3,000 obsolete satellites as well as about 34,000 pieces measuring 10 cm or more.

The total amount of space pollution is estimated at 5,500 tons.

The most dangerous aspect of this problem is that space debris is moving at a speed of about 36,000 (thirty-six thousand) kilometers per hour and if even a small piece collides with the space station, it can tear its shell.

A spokesman for Sumitomo Forestry said the biggest benefit of making satellites out of wood would be that when they were expelled from orbit and dropped to the ground at the end of the period, they would be completely burned by air friction. But their burning will not add or at least add harmful metals to the atmosphere.

The company has also begun research on trees whose wood could be used for satellites.

Final Words

Once they know the types of wood that can be used in satellites, they will be tested on the ground in extreme conditions. Only then can satellites be made from this wood.

According to Sumito Forestry, they have found the wood for making satellites. But for now, the details are kept secret and will be made public in due course.

The increasing use of satellites in almost all types of telecommunications is increasingly polluting our immediate space.

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A study shows that by 2030, 990 satellites will be sent into space annually. Meaning that the number of satellites will increase between 12,000 and 15,000 in the next ten years.

At the same time, the problem of space debris may be far more serious than our current estimates.

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