Is It Possible To Provide Legal Documents Translation Services Online?

The employment of the internet has led to unmatched cross-border commercial transactions and contracts. Businesses and private business owners are communicating nonstop at a faster and very inexpensive speed. Even though global economic operations have become more accessible, the linguistic barrier remains the same. It is still ever-present with very little progress. Therefore, legal documents translation services have become more essential than ever.

These translation services offer certified transactions which can help in resolving legal and immigration-related matters. Consider these services as the dependable business or outsourcing partner you have been seeking. Sometimes, the governing bodies require certified translations, or your application will not move forward. Therefore, a certified translation must be provided by legal documents translation services.

What is a certified translation?

You may have heard the term certified translation more than ever in linguistic services. Today, we will shed light on precisely what it means and why it is required by the business, education institutions, or agencies worldwide.

Certified translation means translating the source document in the language requested by the client. The documents will be translated the same way. However, the additional step is certification. It is a separate document attached to the translation that mentions the credentials of the translator.

The testimony mentions the translator is exceptionally competent in both languages—the requested and the sources document. It will also mention that the translation is completed with the best knowledge and does not misrepresent or manipulate the source document. It will testify the translation is accurate and fair to the documents provided initially. The certification will include the name, contact information, and signature of the translator.

Let’s continue the explanation with an example. When you apply to study in the United Kingdom and get accepted, the immigration and the education institution will require the birth certificates of all foreign applications. These applications will have to hire certified legal document translation services to provide an authentic translation just to study abroad.

What does certified mean?

When we use the word “certified” in linguistic and translation services, it has the following meanings.

The translator has passed the necessary training and has the proper credentials to perform the translation. Usually speaking, these certified translators graduate from localized linguistic authorities such as the American Translator Association in the Americas. They have graduated or passed from a credible organization.

Furthermore, assuming the translator has passed the English to French certification, he cannot perform the opposite translation. To perform French to English translation, they must take the particular test to get certified first in the exact linguistic pair.

Another quality of certified translators is they can join governing bodies and make an actual change to bridge the linguistic gap. These translators can join the United Nations too. However, they will have to complete the interview process first.


Remember, you do not need to hire a certified translator just to attain a certified translation. Any person performing translations for a long time and carrying the professional credentials to provide the certification will do. The person can either be freelance or working at a prestigious translation firm too.

As long as the translation is provided with the certification signed and dated by the translator, you must not have any trouble with your online application moving forward.

Who offers online certified translation?

Kings of Translation has been providing linguistic translation services for the previous years by working closely with its clients. The translators are hired after proper training and assessment of their academic credentials in linguistic sciences. For further assistance, email us to schedule a meeting. New clients are most welcome.

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