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If No Candidate wins, how will the US President be Elected?

According to the rules of the American Presidential election. The winner has to reach out to 270 electoral votes out of 538 to win the race for US president. The current situation is a bit like they could be in this situation that none of them will succeed to get 270. Or both with reach out to 169-169 electoral votes what will happen?

In that situation, it could create a short term political crisis. And none of them wants this nor the candidates nor the Americans. The counting of the votes is still in the process. Where Biden the democratic candidate is leading the race by 264 electoral votes. He is very confident about his win but still, it has to be decided. The result from 5 states is still pending all the eyes stuck on those states.

However, The question is still hanging there what will be happened if no candidate will succeed to get the majority. In that case, how will the US President be elected is there any other procedure or law for the presidential election?


If both of the candidates will fail to reach out to 270 electoral votes. There is another way to exist in American constitutional law to elect US President 2020. According to that constitutional law, the newly elected 438 members parliamentarians can elect their US President before January 6.

Among them, there will be 1 vote counted against each state, and the candidate who will succeed to get 26 votes gets the Majority. Likewise, The Vice president of the united states will be elected by the votes of senators. For that, each of the senators will cast one vote, and the candidate who will succeed to get 51 votes gets the Majority.


The last time, the same situation came in the 19th century when no candidate was succeeded to get the majority. The same American constitutional law was applied to choose the US president. Be that as it may, don’t set your morning timers right now. Authorities are as of now notice that we may need to stand by longer – potentially days, even weeks – for the outcome this year in light of the normal flood in postal polling forms.

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