How to Save Money and Get Discount Health Insurance in Switzerland

Wondering why you have come to this page or why even you are trying to read it? The answer is straightforward, you are looking for health insurance in Switzerland and want to save your hard-earned money on paying the premium for it. Yeah! Is that correct? 

In Switzerland, where things work in a very systematic fashion, and mostly all is defined in proper processes, it is a mandate to take a health insurance policy to cover basic necessities for their health concerns. Apart from being compulsory, you have to pay for it. Unlike many other countries, it is not free, and instead, you have to pay for it compulsorily. In a way, it is good, as, by default, every citizen of Switzerland is covered for basic health insurance. And Swiss health Insurance is one of the world’s best ones.

Points to Remember

One of the points to remember is that you must have your health insurance within three months of landing in Switzerland.

For existing policyholders, remember that 30th November is when you can change your insurance service provider. Many times individuals end up saving some money by comparing various service providers’ plans online.

Best Way to Save Money and Get Discounts for Your Health Insurance in Switzerland.

One of the best and easiest ways to save money and get a discount is by health insurance comparison online, to understand what discounts and extra benefits are available. It is pretty easy to go online and start comparing. You just have to fill in some basic details and press a button to see the results. You can even ask for free quotes as well.

A word of Caution

While saving money could be very attractive, you need to be clear about your priorities. What all features and services can you afford to forego, and what all features do you require. You look into your family’s health conditions and your finances.

Top Saving Factors for Health Insurance in Switzerland

Changing Deductibles

Some of the top factors that can give you a substantial saving on your health insurance premium are Deductibles. A deductible is the portion of the expenses that you will have to bear first before claiming insurance. By default, it is CHF300, but there will be a lot of savings on your premium if you increase it. If you can afford to take the extra amount on your side, you may think of going in for it if your family medical condition is above average. 

The minimum deductible is CHF300, and the maximum deductible is CHF2,500

You can save a maximum of CHF1,540 with the highest deductible in adults and CHF420 with the highest deductible in children.

Please remember that you can lower your deductible until 30th November and increase it until 30th December. The change gets effective 1st of January.

Changing Mode of Payment

Most of the time, we pay our premiums every month due to a smaller amount to be paid every month. But then you have to pay for all 12 months! But do you know that paying it all together as an annual mode of payment could save you about 2% of your premium?  Even paying it as a half-yearly mode could save about 0.5% to 1% of your premium.

Relook on Accidental Coverage

This is another way of saving on your health insurance premium. Whenever you compare online to save your money on health insurance premiums, you will see accidental cover offered to you. If you are employed with your current employer for more than 8 hours or receive unemployment benefits, you automatically get covered for accidental damages by your employer. One does not have to worry; it will be your employer’s legal responsibility to take out appropriate accidental benefit cover for you. In such a case, you can put your accidental cover from your compulsory basic health insurance. This could make you save about 10% on your basic health insurance premium. 

Changing Your Insurance Service Provider

You can change your insurance company every year. You can even take your basic compulsory plan from one and the supplementary plan from another company. There is no compulsion to take both from the same company. It is up to you how you get more benefits and more savings on your premiums. You can take both from one or from different insurance companies. Look carefully and see for yourself where and how you will get more benefits at a lesser price.

A point to note here is: Your compulsory basic insurance is your right, and no insurance company can deny it even if there is a pre-existing disease.

All this can happen if you go for a health insurance comparison online[Refer for the French & German]. Comparison can help you save money on your premiums. See various options and their charges, suggestions to save, and much more just sitting back comfortably. See how different discounts and the benefits offerings all by yourself.

Sure enough, your visit to this page was fruitful. Keep saving, and keep surfing.

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