Google: What is the Future of Request Indexing Tool

John Mueller Google official early shares thought on the google request indexing tool. He expresses some latest updates about it whether it will return or not. The feature update was released by John Muller on his hangout against a question. He gives an update on a video message while he was in his office.

What is Google Request Indexing Tool

The Tool exists in the google search console dashboard allows the publisher to quickly indexed his desired page or URL. Through this Request Indexing Tool, Publisher can manually submit their request for indexing. The use of this tool is typically done whenever the publisher publishes any new content or update the existing one.

According to the search engine journal on 15 October 2020. Google announced to disable the request indexing tool from GSC. Although the disability is temporarily based not permanent it could take a few weeks to be back.

After disabling the feature publishers will no longer able to request manually to crawl the desired URL. During this time of suspension, Google will use its regular method to index URLs by its own method.

On a question asked randomly user, are you taking away the tool from us? John Mueller replied that Google has no plan to take away the tool from its users. He added they are working on the improvement of this tool as they have also concerns about some spammers. They sometimes used the feature to index the spammy content. Mueller next proposed that they were examining the different reasons why distributors utilize the solicitation ordering highlight and to sort out if there was an approach to computerize the cycle to dispense with the requirement for manual ordering.

The tools help the peoples to save their time and make the content valuable. He wants to take these guides to improve Google’s frameworks.

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