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Google Request Indexing Tool back in Search Console

Just after 69 days, the tool is now working back smoothly. The request indexing tool button has been active now at the same location in the URL inspection tool. The tool was gone disabled on 14 October & before Christmas and new year, it is back now.

Google request indexing tool was disappeared from Google search console from the authorities. In our previous article, we told you about the latest statement released by the authority. In a video statement, they said that we are not thinking to take back the request indexing tool. It could take a month or two but it would be temporarily.

Google search console

with that Google said that in case if you many URLs to submit instead of using the request indexing tool manually use a sitemap. Google search console provided that facility submit your sitemap. The method through request indexing will not have any guarantee to index on google.

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The CEO and the owners of websites were missing the tool although it had been announced that the indexing normally will not be affected. Google will index those pages that need to be indexed.

Final Words

Unmistakably, Google is stating here that the instrument is ready for action yet don’t utilize it to submit huge loads of URLs and don’t expect 100% ordering and rankings when you do utilize it.

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