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Google Lens Downloads Exceeded 500 million

Google Lens is a very useful app that has been badly ignored, according to analysts. This app has crossed 500 million downloads in a concise time when it comes to the download & installing figures.  Google Lens reaches this milestone in just two and a half years.

More than 500 million users have now downloaded & installed the Google lens app & the number is exceeding day by day.

Despite the fact that it is seldom referenced, in the year 2020, it was remembered for the main ten Android applications Globaly. The feature of Augmented Reality (AR) makes this app more powerful, it has the ability to identify objects around it. This app scans identify them and can translate any written text.

In the existing condition of lockdown, the app can help to complete the homework of your with children’s. In addition, the first feature of viewing text via Google Lens can be read in words, while the second important feature by which anyone can Copy to Computer is also useable. Google lens has more features than those mentioned.

New Feature

The future is bright ahead despite the excessive use of these innovations. Peoples are so excited about the arrival of Google lenses and the other new innovations. A user after watching this video on Youtube said in a comment that “Google please make 3D rockstars cause I wanna in the picture with boys from Queen”.

Furthermore, the lens will be helpful if you are looking for furniture & clothes. The most interesting feature of this app is the identification of the object. For example, if you are in a different country, you can get the complete details of any object like a building, animal, or any insects.

You just have to take a picture of that object or place it there from the app, it will straight away deliver all the details about it. It can also identify plants, animals, and insects.

Hence the app is intelligent with artificial intelligence. It can help your kids to solve their mathematical problems. Not only solve but it will show your kids how to solve it by step by step procedure.

Google is doing great so far with the launching of these new technologies that will be really useful for our young generation. And will make their life easier like we hadn’t.

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