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Google decides to Shutdown hangout service- Migrate users to Google Chat

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Google is finally starting the process to shut down it’s one of the most used service hangouts. The decision is completely out of the blue. He is planning to migrate its hangouts users to the Google chat. This is the execution of his announcement he had in December 2018, two & a half years ago.

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Google chat service was previously used as a paid service, was only available for paid users who pay for it. But as it is replacing the free service (hangouts) will be available free from next year planned. Google chat is just similar to hangouts in regard to features. Like it has the features of group chats, individual messaging, inbox and reply features, and many other additional features. Google chat also has some great security tools and collaboration between assigned tasks and file-sharing options.

Google, According to the source, said that they will be going to implement this upgrade and transfer of their users from hangouts to Google chat at the start of the next year 2021. Users don’t need to worry about their previous chat history, contacts, etc. as these will automatically relocate to the new service (Google chat).

Nevertheless, Previously using voice features in hangouts will also be eliminated. Users will be shifted to the voice app for call & messages. Google will release some more updates about the final date and changes shortly. Google more added that the same transformation voice app is in the app store. It will be available for use & users will not be able to use voice call features in hangouts.

Google said that the upcoming pronouncement is being inaugurated in Europe and the United States by the start of 2021. Furthermore, those users who had remaining calling credits for the hangouts would be refunded by the end of this year. After this process, Google will completely remove the calling feature from the app.

Moreover, it’ll before long be workable for G Suite clients to message other G Suite clients from outside. Their association beginning May 26. Anybody not in your organization will have an “Outer” name close to their name in the Google Chat UI. So there’s no disarray. You’ll additionally have the option to add any contacts to amass visits insofar as you assign them as “Outside.” This will just apply to new rooms, however — any you’ve just made should stay inner just rooms.


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