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Glacier Eruption in India flood, Hundreds feared dead

Uttarakhand: In India, the Himalayan glacier suddenly erupted and fell into the river. Causing a catastrophic flood that swept away nearby houses. While the chief secretary feared hundreds of deaths.

Besides, The river flooded the entire surrounding area.

According to Indian media, a catastrophic accident has taken place in Tapun. Uttarakhand due to the sudden melting of a glacier. Many homes were destroyed and hundreds were feared dead.

A state of emergency has been declared in the district. And the administration is instructing the citizens to evacuate their houses immediately through loudspeakers. The water level in the river is rising dangerously high and the danger has increased from Chamoli to Haridwar.

Meanwhile, Uttarakhand Chief Secretary Om Prakash has expressed fears that more than 150 people may have been killed in the flood, but exact figures are yet to come.

Recordings via online media, which Reuters couldn’t quickly confirm, demonstrated water flooding through a little dam webpage, washing away development gear.

“The water level of the waterway is currently 1 meter better than average yet the stream is diminishing.”

In June 2013, record precipitation caused a pulverizing flood that asserted near 6,000 lives.

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) said that there was some deluge or penetrating of the repository at around 10 am. Which brought about the flooding in Dhauliganga – one of the six source surges of the Ganges stream. The 85 km waterway meets the Alaknanda River at Vishnuprayag at the base of Joshimath mountain in Uttarakhand.

A glacial mass has severed and collided with a dam in the northern Indian territory of Uttarakhand, causing monstrous floods.

Final Words

Moreover, Trivinder Singh Rawat Uttarakhand Chief Minister reported on Twitter that the water level of the river had risen but now the flow is decreasing and this is a good thing.

The floodwaters caught 16 laborers inside a passage under development in a close-by region and salvage laborers protected them during a salvage activity.

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