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Former President Trump began Political activities

Former US President George W. Trump has resumed his political activities after stepping down. Donald Trump is starting regular political activities after stepping down from the presidency.

According to a foreign news agency, while addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference. Donald Trump ruled out the possibility of forming a new political party and at the same time. Indicated to run in the 2024 presidential election.

This is the first official public speech and political activity by a former US president. Since stepping down as president and taking over from Joe Biden.

Donald Trump called for keeping the Republican Party united. He reiterated his position on rigging the US election, saying that the opposition had only won the White House and that if we wanted to, we could defeat them in the third round.

Trump’s political position has been called into question by January 6. Attack on the Congress building in the US capital after the election defeat and the subsequent election campaign and its results have been called into question.

However, many observers believe that President Trump will not sit idly by despite these events. In his first political statement since the incident, He did not mention or regret the Capitol Hill incident.

Bottom Line

The Republican Party’s second impeachment motion on the basis of the Capitol Hill attack also sparked disagreements. But the party’s conservative faction still supports Trump in the party. On the other hand, critics of Trump in the American media. Say that President Trump has created new threats to American democracy by initiating political activities.

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According to Trump’s son Donald Jr., the former president’s participation in the ceremony is being valued by his supporters so much, that a golden statue of him has been erected for it.

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