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First Person Receives COVID Vaccine in UK

In the previous article, we discussed the approval of the covid vaccine from the UK government. After the completion of trials and analyze the data received from Pfizer vaccine authorities. The UK declared the Pfizer vaccine safe to use and said that they will start vaccination soon.

According to the source, the UK now starts its vaccination process today. And become the first country in the world to initiate the vaccination practically. A 90-year-old woman in the United Kingdom has been vaccinated it is the first dose of the corona vaccine. With that process, the vaccination has been started across the country.

in addition, The UK starts the vaccination process today morning and called this V-Day. As a result, Margaret Keenan was the woman who has been vaccinated early morning at University Hospital, Coventry. She said it might be her best present ever he received on her birthday. She will turn out to 91 Years old in the upcoming week and will celebrate her 91st birthday.

for instance, The UK Government gave the order for 40 Million doses of Pfizer-Moderna covid vaccine for 20 Million peoples.

in addition, The health minister of the UK advises citizens to stay calm. In the first phase, those peoples will be vaccinated who are at high risk. The authorities will contact those peoples who are at high risk and offer them a free vaccination. The process of vaccination will take a year or more to complete.

Final Words

Besides, The total cases of covid-19 in the UK were 17 lac.

The woman got vaccinated, gave a message to other peoples said that if she at the age of 90 can take it. You can also take it to keep yourself safe and healthy. Prof Stephen Powis, from NHS England, said these are really the historic moments. And we can’t give her an Intimate Hug because of SOP’s but everyone did clap in the room to cheer the brave woman.

William Shakespeare was the second person who got vaccinated. Both of the patients were admitted to Coventry due to covid infection he was 81 years old living in Warwickshire. William praised that he had a wonderful hospital and staff.

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Mr. https://bnews9.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=787&action=editHancock, Secretary of state for health said I am confident that we would have a brilliant mid-year of 2021. He said I just reserved an event in Cornwall.

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