Easy Ways to Save Big on Your Health Insurance Premium 

Switzerland is known to have one of the most developed and expensive health systems, along with compulsory basic health insurance. Every class of people owns expensive compulsory health insurance. Most of them are worried about spending a lot of money on their health insurance premium, so here is the solution. In this article, we will share three simple and easy ways to save big by your health insurance premiums offers. Let’s get started.

Increase Your Deductible Franchise

Suppose you are healthy and do not suffer from any severe disease, and you are a rare visitor to your doctor with small consultancy for minor sickness or injuries. In that case, it is an excellent idea to get the highest available deductible franchise. A deductible is an amount you need to pay every year before the insurance provider begins to pay your medical bills. It is the deductible that impacts your premium. If you need less medical care, you must save by going in for the highest-owned deductible franchise. It is important to note that the highest available deductible is 2500 francs. And that’s a rule of thumb. The highest deductible amount gets you maximum benefits. You must be aware that the lowest deductible for adults is 300 francs. The savings can be up to 50% on the highest deductible with maximum medical expenses of less than 1500 francs annually.

Switch Between Different Health Insurance Models

Understanding the health insurance models is quite essential to finalize the best-suited model. In basic compulsory insurance, four models are starting from the least price: standard, family doctor, HMO, and Telmed. An average annual expense between models is around 20%. Changing your current model (except the standard model) with a lesser model can help you save 20% with each downgrade.

When you are already using the standard model, what if you consult with your designated family doctor, who may refer you to a specialist? The Hausarzt model can save you up to 20% of your premium.

The HMO model is more suitable for people in urban areas as the HMO center provides all medical services. You can find various specialists under one umbrella. It can also help you save big on your health insurance of up to 25% annually. The HMO model can also give significant savings of around 25%; the HMO model works very accurately for the people living in urban areas as they can get all the services quickly from near the HMO center.

And finally, the Telmed model requires policyholders to call a hotline for triage. Mostly, the clinical consultancy via call is satisfactory. But, if still, you need a physical visit to a doctor, you can get a prompt referral to a nearby doctor. This model can also help you save 15 to 20% annually.

Change Your Basic Health Insurance Providers

All the insurance companies in Switzerland equally provide basic compulsory health insurance. All providers are obligated under the Act of Swiss Health Insurance 1996 to do so. They have minor differences in services and pay your medical bills promptly. So, choosing any insurers will not compromise on your necessary basic health needs, but the annual cost could vary.

When choosing your service provider, you should consider removing unnecessary extras from your plan. They can be dental care, eye care, etc., and change your Basic health insurance provider. According to your current health condition and annual budget, you could benefit from other providers. Keeping two insurance providers at once is also helpful to save money. Keep all regular services of one provider required according to your budget, and eliminate the extras and supplementary services to take a new separate provider for supplementary services only.


We discussed three easy ways to save big by your health insurance premiums offered in this session. Always consider your current health status and normalize, avoiding extra features for an extra cost. Compare all the Basic health insurance providers and pick the most cost-friendly. Remember the rule that all Swiss health insurance providers are legally obligated to provide you with similar health insurance services with varying prices and insurance plans.

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