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Cycling Record without one leg Covering 2000 km of dangerous route

Cycling is used for transport, exercise as well as for sports. For most of the peoples, it becomes a hobby and they really enjoy it. There are many records for cycling in the world. But this is a massive achievement by someone who shows that he can do the same as anyone else.

In the city of Beijing: China A 32-year-old Cheng Hong, who lost his leg, set a new record by cycling 2,000 kilometers on rocks and ravines. According to the international news agency in the province of China “Gansu“. A man with one leg named cheng hong Defeats his disability with his determination. He completes his journey by continuously cycling not on a straight track but on complicated rocks.

He showed himself very happy after achieving this milestone.

A man with his cycle in his hand

Cheng Hong lost his leg 11 years ago in an unexpected accident but he never gives up the passion of a cyclist. He did not let his disability hinder his passion and determination. That’s why even he lost his one of the leg but and continued his journey across China.

This is not the first achievement cheng Hong does, in 2015 after his leg operation, he did ride a motorcycle to Shanghai’s Salt Lake. He did not stop here than in 2018 he ride again a motorcycle from Sichuan Province to the dangerous and difficult mountains and valleys of Tibet.

After these successful journeys, he continues his passion and momentum of success. Until now he became the first one-legged cyclist to travel 2,000 km continuously.

Final Words

This is a big achievement and the motivation for all the peoples. Who lost their hope due to an accident that happened in life. My advice for other persons who have a situation like this due to an accident.  Just focus on that goal doesn’t matter if it is your weakness, or prevent you to do your best things. your weakness doesn’t forestall you progressing nicely.

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