Crime Prevention and Private Security Guards:

Crime prevention is a challenging job since crime has always existed and will remain to happen as long as humans remain. Inappropriate behavior is deterred by the finest attempts of crime prevention. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are always looking for innovative strategies to prevent criminals from engaging in crimes. The efficiency of uniformed private security personnel and his or her capacity to inhibit malicious conduct is something that most people seem to have forgotten.

The rational choice theory is by far the most widely accepted theory in criminology for understanding why crimes happen like burglaries, fraud, robberies, and stealing. According to rational choice theory, people break the law after deliberating and deciding that now the possible advantages of committing the crime outweigh the danger of getting detected. In this approach, and for crimes involving the acquisition of cash or things that can be turned into money, prevention is paramount. The simple existence of an armed or unarmed uniformed private security guard can significantly elevate the possible vulnerability that attackers evaluate before committing a crime.

In the United States, for each and every local police and government security officer, there are two private security guards. Over the past 5 years or so, security and protection services have grown at an enormous speed in both the government and private sector and this trend is more certain to accelerate. Because police departments often require more time, funds, manpower, or competence to walk onto privately owned land just to maintain the protection and reliability of that property and its valuables, private security guards are the most efficient and dependable alternative for discouraging violence in a specified region.

As a result, a uniformed security officer can inhibit violent activity in a particular region. Most robberies that result in larcenies are designed ahead of time, and the offender will conduct an inspection of the selected area. If the selected place has a uniformed private security guard, the individual planning the infraction will most probably flee to some other place. Perpetrators are informed that private security guards are always in contact with all the nearest police stations and rescue services, which further deters crime because the criminals with a financial desire prefer to dodge conflict at all means, particularly if that encounter could result in imprisonment.

The activities of a private security guard are cost-effective for businesses since most insurance-providing companies, particularly disaster insurance providers, give minimum insurance prices to businesses that employ private security firms.

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