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Countries having the Strongest and Weakest Passport in the world

Japan has the title of the most powerful passport in the world, while Afghanistan has the least powerful passport.

The Pandemic no doubt releases an impact on countries all over the world. Both with respect to the economy and travel guide. Furthermore many countries improved their policies and economy that helps them to improve their indexing position.

In this article, we will discuss the current position with respect to international perspectives, the requirements of being strong and weak. You will come to know the detail of the strongest and weakest passports globally.

A recent report by the Hanley Passport Index lists the countries with the most powerful passports. The countries that have ‘visa-free’ facilities in many countries of the world considered as the strongest passport.

In this list, Japan has surpassed Singapore after the Tuff competition and is in first place alone. Singapore and Japan jointly won this award last year jointly. By 191 on Japanese visa while Singapore minister can travel to 190 countries without a visa.

South Korea and Germany are in third place with 189 countries having visa-free policies on their passports, followed by Italy, Finland, and Spain, whose passports require visa-free entry into 188 countries. India ranked 85th.

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If we talk about the weakest passport holder countries these are Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria. Only 26 to 32 countries have a visa-free policy on their passports.

Final Words

The main term considered during the process of compiling the list is freedom of travel for passports of countries globaly. The list discussed above is a number of factors, including law and order, the economy, and political conflict.

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