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Corona virus Source tracking: A briefing on joint research by China and the WHO

Dr. Liang Wanyan, the Chinese Foreign Ministry brief by who is also the Chinese head of the China-WHO joint research team tasked with tracing the origin of the novel coronavirus.

Last Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry held a special diplomatic briefing on the origin of the novel coronavirus.

29 ambassadors and more than 40 diplomats from the European Union and European countries have attended the briefing.

During the briefing, he said that from January 14 to February 10 this year, a group of international experts came to Wuhan to conduct research. The researchers conducted research at nine different locations, including Jin Yantan Hospital, Hua Nan Seafood Market, and Wuhan Virology Lab.


Liang Wanyan said that the summary of the results of the study. Which was a joint effort of the parties, is as follows.

  • The gene sequences of the viruses found in bats and penguins are very similar to those of the novel coronavirus. But this does not prove that the viruses found in these animals are direct ancestors of the novel coronavirus.
  • ┬áThe non-seafood market is the first place where the virus has been identified.
  • Experts believe that there is a strong possibility that the novel coronavirus may have been transmitted to humans through an intermediary. And it is also possible that the novel coronavirus may have been transmitted directly through cold chain food. However, the transmission of the infection from the laboratory is impossible.

Liang Wanyan said the joint team of experts has suggested that the first step be taken to promote the creation of a globally unified database. Which includes the genetic sequencing of viruses, medical and epidemiological diseases, animal surveillance. Furthermore, the environment. Includes monitoring data, etc.

Final Words

The second suggestion is to continue the search for a possible initial case globally.

The third suggestion is to look for species of animals other than bats that may be host to the virus.

The fourth suggestion is to learn more about the role of the cold chains. And frozen foods in the spread of the virus.

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