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China: We Strongly Oppose the use of Human Rights for Political Gain

China has strongly opposed negative statements by the United Kingdom. And other countries about Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong at the UN Human Rights Council.

Liu Eunying, the spokesman for the Chinese delegation in Geneva, said China has always insisted that all parties engage in constructive dialogue. In addition cooperation on human rights issues on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Jie, in a video link to the UN Human Rights Council, rejected anti-China propaganda and said Xinjiang’s doors were open to the United Nations.

Liu Eunying, a spokesman for the Chinese delegation, clarified that misleading, and misrepresentation had no place in the Council. The Chinese government is not the present just dangers to common liberties, as the Human Rights.

He described the development of various nationalities in Xinjiang. And Tibet as a model for the development of human rights in China. The spokesman said that Xinjiang has significantly improved social stability, economic growth, ethnic unity, religious harmony, cultural development.

Individuals of all ethnic groups enjoy broad rights and freedoms in the light of the law.

In the UK, by contrast, people’s right to life and health has been neglected. The UK has been affected by Covid 19 with More than 4 million peoples. While more than 120,000 people have lost their precious lives.

Bottom Line

The spokesman stressed that the UK and other countries should focus on these issues at the national level. Refrain from politicizing human rights issues, refrain from using lies to defame other countries. Furthermore, promote their rights at the global level. Play a real role in healthy development.

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