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China Demands Punishment of Canadian Diplomat over Controversial T-shirt

China has demanded that Canada punish a diplomat for buying a controversial T-shirt.

According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, the Chinese Foreign Ministry yesterday rejected Canada’s clarification. On the matter and now demanded formal disciplinary action against Canadian diplomat Chad Hensler, who ordered the controversial T-shirt.

A Canadian diplomat named Chad Hunsler recently approached a Chinese company to order a specially designed T-shirt. The design on the T-shirt resembles a bat, and at first glance, it looks like “there”.

According to the Chinese newspaper, seeing the design of the T-shirt, the local company refused to bring it at first. And the words written in it are similar to “Wuhan”.

The controversy began with a photo circulating on Chinese social media showing a Canadian diplomat ordering a bat with a bat on it. The image is thought to be a reference to the theory that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan with bats sold at an animal market there spreading the virus around the world.

However, Canadian media have clarified that the T-shirt does not have the shape of a bat, but the English alphabet W, which is a symbol of the New York hip-hop group Wu-Tang.

The photo taken during the ordering of this t-shirt created a storm on Chinese social media. The Chinese government has also strongly protested, calling it part of propaganda blaming China for the coronavirus.

Final Words

Canada had clarified that the design of the T-shirt was misunderstood. and that the design was in fact a sign of the former American hip-hop group Wotang Klein, and that the diplomat had visited Coronauba in China Was presented to diplomatic staff arriving for the evacuation of Canadians.

There has been a backlash from China over the T-shirt controversy. Which has previously rejected Canada’s explanation. And now calls for disciplinary action against the regular diplomat.

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