Trump's Acquittal

Biden: Trump’s Acquittal Undermines Democracy

US President Joe Biden has accused the Senate of undermining former President Trump’s Acquittal. Saying it undermined democracy in the country.

The US Senate could not approve the impeachment proceedings against Trump.

As indicated by the World News Agency, US President Joe Biden bemoaned the dismissal of indictment procedures against Trump in Congress. Saying that the Acquittal was a reminder of this tragic chapter in US history that democracy has been weakened.

Biden expresses, that there is a bad situation for brutality, confusion, and fanaticism in the United States. Although, Biden believed that this decision does not make sense that allegations against trump are false.

Moreovere, The US president revealed that the strike in the building of Congress was actually a democratic attack. Provocation should not be allowed at all, those who incite violence and its supporters are poison killers for the country.

Former President Trump, on the other hand, hailed the Senate’s rejection of the impeachment proceedings as a victory, saying “the country has begun to make great and I will re-emerge with a vision of a bright future”.

Former President Trump’s impeachment proceedings received 43 votes. Although the majority supported the impeachment. Constitutionally impeachment proceedings must have a two-thirds majority, which was not achieved.

Final Words

Thus, former US President Trump escaped the accusation of inciting an attack on Capitol Hill. Former President Trump was indicted on charges of inciting his supporters. In the charges of kill five people in an attack on Capitol Hill in the United States on January 6. Besides, the bill wasn’t able to gain 2/3 majority in the vote of Senate.

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