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Biden Has Taken the Lead in Pennsylvania: US Election Live Update

According to the author of BBC New York Nick Bryant, Biden has taken the lead from Pennsylvania state. He said We’ve recently heard an update from the authorities in Pennsylvania. According to them, the democratic candidate Joe Biden has got hold of the lead by 5587 votes. It could help him to reach out to his destination of 270 votes.

According to the previous results announced with different states. If Biden wins in Pennsylvania he could win the Presidential race too. Apart from that from Georgia, he has got hold of the lead with almost 99% of votes counted.

Recent Updates

According to the news in surroundings, Biden has also a chance of the lead from Arizona as well as Nevada. According to the source in Arizona, almost 90% of votes are counted and Biden has the lead of 1.6%. On the other hand, President Trump claimed his winning position. Mr. Trump has a concern about the mail ballot. He said there is something wrong with that even he has no proof against that claim.

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As stated by Biden, He will accept the result whatever it will. He said to the peoples to wait until vote counts will be completed, he will come to the fore whoever the winner is. The turnout this year is higher as much as it was never seen before in the past 120 years it is 66.9%.

Trump has the lead of 1.4% votes & expected to win from North California as 95% of votes counted. Trump has got 62.9% of the total votes from Alaska and 56% of votes counted.

Since election day, everyone is just waiting for the result and we are just close to it now.

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