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Bhutan Also Became one of the Countries Recognizing Israel

The trend of recognizing Israel is now becoming wider. Due to the peace effort started by Mr. Trump now, many Arabian countries succeed to normalize their relationship with Israel. In the last 3 months, there is a rise to see the recognization process.

Firstly, United Arab Emirates starts its flight operation directly from Israel. The Israeli foreign minister yesterday said that this process will lead us towards a new constitution of the country. As of this Saturday, Another Asian country Bhutan establish diplomatic relations with isreal.

According to a foreign news agency, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi has said that Israel’s sphere of influence is growing. The establishment of relations with the Kingdom of Bhutan is a sign of Israel’s growing influence in goods.

Isreal is hopeful to continue its peace process with Asia and many other countries.

In addition, the South Asian country of Bhutan pursued its foreign and defense policy. Under the 2007 Treaty of Amity with India. The Kingdom of Bhutan still has relations with 53 countries.

The ambassadors of Israel and Bhutan signed an agreement at the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. The capital of India, to establish formal and full diplomatic relations.

Israeli officials say the Israeli deal with Bhutan is not part of ongoing US efforts in the Arab and Muslim world. But is due to Israel’s growing international acceptance.

Who else Recognize Israel?

According to the international news agency, the US President and the King of Morocco Mohammed VIII had a telephone conversation on Thursday in which the finalization of the agreement was discussed.

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In return for recognizing Israel, President Trump has accepted Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara, according to a statement from the White House. Clashes have been raging in the region for decades between the Moroccan and Algerian-backed Polisario fronts.

Polisario wants to make the region an independent state, but the United States has now recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the region.

It should be noted that this year four Arab Muslim countries; Bhutan, which has a Buddhist majority, are the fifth country to establish formal relations with Israel, after the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan.

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