Arctos Portable AC Review 2021; Does An Arctos AC Actually Worth A Dime?

This is a complete information on Arctos Portable AC Review for everyone interested in buying an Arctos Portable AC is a portable air conditioner that conveys cool air, along with convenience and comfort to users. The Arctos Portable AC unit is the latest innovation in the personalized air-conditioning industry. Especially due to its 3-in-1 feature of acting as an air conditioner, humidifier and regular fan.

Arctos Portable AC (Is Also Called Arctos Air Cooler) is a brand new addition to portable air coolers, and it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular portable acs in the United States. Arctos Portable AC is a lightweight, compact, and portable ac that helps you beat the summer heat without breaking the bank.

Summer is the time of year when you go to festivals, go on road excursions, or plan holidays since the weather is so pleasant. Summer is not always a joyful experience in certain regions where the sun shines brightly. Even though the temperature remains constant, certain days are very hot and dry, causing individuals to suffocate.

In this temperature, planning any vacation or function is tough; in fact, being home without an air conditioner is impossible. One alternative is to spend hundreds of dollars on an air conditioner, plus installation, monthly power, and maintenance costs. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, and even if they can, it is not a good idea to spend so much money when there are cheaper options.

Arctos Portable AC is a cutting-edge gadget that uses a fraction of the electricity to produce cold, wet air and is ideal for a small space. This gadget is inexpensive when compared to traditional air coolers, and it is also portable, allowing you to take it wherever you choose.

Customers are most interested in this portable air conditioner since it does not add much to their monthly expense. As a result, the client will not even notice that he is using an air conditioner, and he will be able to get through the hot summer days without losing money on bill payments.

With that been said, it is important that you invest in the right air cooler based on your requirements. While buying an air cooler may seem a simple task, people are often seen confused while making the selection given the different types, features and functionalities of air coolers available in the market.

In this Arctos portable AC Review, the aim is to enable the reader to learn more about this portable ac and if it’s truly effective. You will find out interesting facts you may not see on other arctos portable ac reviews online, and also know why Arctos Portable AC is currently trending in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and other European Countries.

What Is Arctos Portable AC (arctos portable ac review)


Arctos Portable AC is a compact personal air cooler that actively functions to cool down its surrounding area within minutes, using evaporation technology. The small air cooler acts as a personalized cooling companion for users and uses low power to function.

This portable and low-cost AC is the perfect solution to unbearable summer heat, without putting holes in your pocket. Apart from coming at a highly reasonable cost, Arctos Portable AC requires no installation, uses low electrical power, can travel along with the user providing 24 hours of cooling, and comes with rechargeable batteries making it more energy-friendly.

This Arctos portable AC is a dream come true for those who can’t tolerate heat and want a simple yet cost-effective way to deal with it. Usually, people head towards colder areas during the summer peak, but that’s not always possible. Especially right now, when everyone is behind closed doors, Arctos portable AC is the most accessible and practical solution to cool down the temperature without paying hundreds of dollars.

Arctos Portable AC comes with a speed setting option, which makes it work according to the temperature needed. Whether its scorching or mildly hot, the AC can be set according to the user’s cooling requirement, ensuring minimal power usage for the perfect temperature required to keep a person calm and fresh.

Unlike Wall mounted ACs, this incredible device can be placed anywhere around the house or taken with on the go. The Arctos AC portability makes it easy for users to remain cool wherever they go. It doesn’t matter which area of the house you sit at, and you can shift the portable AC with convenience.

Arctos air cooler requires no installation and works wirelessly after being charged. This makes its portability even more beneficial. Arctos Portable AC works up to 8 on a single charge, allowing users to enjoy fresh air without worrying about electricity usage or load shedding.

Arctos air conditioner functions as a three in one device. It’s an air cooler, air humidifier, and air cleaner. It not only cools its surrounding air but uses special water curtain filters to purify the air and remove dust particles and pollutants before blowing cold air. To top it off, the Arctos Portable AC also works as a humidifier, which enables good moisture in the air when it gets too dry. Humidifiers are good for skin and hair during dry weather.

While functioning, Arctos AC has been reported to produce no noticeable sound. The low-noise functioning makes this AC ideal for nap time, and work time both.


Specifications Of Arctos Portable AC (arctos portable ac review)

As a consumer, one of the things I look at in a product is its specifications and facts. Arctos Portable AC is no exception to this fact as stated by many consumers on the review of Arctos Portable AC.

  • Cools and humidifies for maximum comfort.
  • Sleek, compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table.
  • ABS/metal/plastic.
  • Measures 145( L) x 165 (W) x 165(H)mm.
  • Cord measures 3′ L.
  • Weighs 2.7 lb.
  • Model AAUV-MC4.
  • Hydro-Chill technology cools down hot, dry air.
  • UV light built-in.
  • 4 speed settings to ensure user satisfaction.
  • Multi-directional air vents allow you to point the cool air in the direction you want.
  • Push button operation.
  • Power light indicator.
  • Easy read LED night light control.
  • Plugs into standard electrical outlets.
  • Quick and easy fill top to help prevent spills.
  • Several hour run time with each fill.
  • Suitable for use in a room up to 45 sq. ft.

Features Of Arctos Portable AC (arctos portable ac review)



Here are some of the arctos portable ac that you might interesting as regards arctos portable ac that has been trending in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other places.

  • Energy conservation: When compared to the conventional air conditioners, the arctos portable ac consumes 10 times less energy than the big conventional air cond. This means a significant reduction in electricity bills for consumers and in the long run massive saving of running cost which will translate to saving more money.
  • Maintenance-friendly: No matter how one wants to see it, the arctos portable ac is way cheaper than a conventional air conditioner when it comes to capital and recurrent costs like purchase, installation, operating and maintenance costs. This of course does not mean that they are entirely better than the big ACs. Not in all cases, at least, it means that these air coolers are a budget-friendly alternative so long as they serve their users effectively.
  • Environment and health-friendly: In this age where scientists and global health experts are hammering on the need to reduce things that increase global warming, arctos portable ac is a good alternative. Unlike air con that make use of harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons, these air coolers make use of a natural process of evaporative cooling with zero carbon emission making them very eco and health-friendly. Since no chemicals are used to get this arctos portable ac working, it, therefore, contributes to a green world and safe health for persons who use them.
  • Easy Usability: The arctos portable ac is very easy to use. Users of this air conditioner do not need to have any special powers to be able to operate this ac. It is cordless and uses a simple filling operation. It was designed to just be simple.
  • Enough Running Time: This feature stands arctos portable ac totally out of other devices out there. It comes with battery power that allows the arctos portable ac to run for more than a day non-stop while generating cool air. According to arctos portable ac review, it’s been noted that it pumps out about 2.7m/s of cold refreshing air in just 30 seconds.
  • Moisture Control: These arctos portable acs are well sought after today in dry and hot areas because they work by placing moisture into the surrounding air, which helps to keep the room cooler through the process of evaporation.

This comes with the added advantage of protecting the skin and eyes from drying out during these hot summer seasons. This is in total contrast to the big conventional air conditioners that take out moisture from the surrounding air, making the eyes and skin dry and in prolonged cases susceptible to injury.

  • Fan Speed Setting: Every human wants to own a tech that they have a reasonable amount of control. The Arctos Personal Air Cooler comes with 3-fan speed control that allows users to control the speed of the air that flows out. This 3-fan speed control also acts to conserve the amount of power that is consumed from the batteries. A medium-speed fan setting is suitable for the comfort of users as well as power consumption.
  • No Noise: No one wants to deal with a noisy device on a sunny day. Imagine, feeling very hot and having to entertain so much noise just because the air conditioner is turned on. It is devastating. Luckily, arctos portable ac comes with a sound that is less than 40 decibels. It means that it produces very little to no sound at all. Good sleep and comfort are guaranteed to the fullest.
  • Easy Cleaning: Just like every other product, this arctos portable ac can get dirt from the surrounding environment. However, unlike conventional air conditioners, there is no need to employ a professional cleaning agency to fix this. With just a cloth and a good antiseptic, the dirt can be gotten well rid of. This saves so much cost from maintenance.
  • Indicator For Charging: On the top surface of arctos portable ac is a LED ring that gives an alert about the charging status of this device. This indicator shows when the arctos ac is full, discharged and charging.

How Does Arctos Portable AC Work?

The Arctos Portable AC is an excellent example of cutting-edge technology and design; however, when you discover how it successfully delivers all that amazing performance so meticulously, you’ll be even more blown away.

The Arctos Portable AC operates in a straightforward and smart way (unlike other air conditioning devices). The Arctos Portable AC utilizes the ”thermoelectric cooling” technique to dispense cool air and function effectively. Thermoelectric cooling transforms electrical energy into thermal energy with the aid of a solid-state semiconductor.

Simply put, this means that one portion of the device cools down below the room temperature, while the other segment extricates heat due to the difference in temperature. This results in an air conditioner that doesn’t require any refrigerant and becomes portable and extremely durable.

The portable air conditioner also uses other supplementary elements that enhance the entire experience. Some of these components include an in-built mister, ice tray, and air filter.

Additionally, the best thing about the Arctos Portable AC is that the air passes through a cleansing air filter that removes injurious dust particles before it reaches the user. With abilities like these, many people assume that the portable air conditioner would suck up a great deal of power and take a toll on their electricity bills, but that isn’t true at all. The Arctos Portable AC doesn’t use any external wired power source to function due to its cord-free feature.

Instead, the Arctos Portable AC uses lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged and work for almost twelve hours when fully charged. If it runs out of battery, all you have to do is to plug it into a USB Type-C charging outlet for recharge.

If things aren’t clear, don’t worry. Further in this Arctos Portable AC review, we’ll share how the air conditioning unit is set up.

Benefits Of Using Arctos Portable AC (arctos portable ac review)



The summer season is usually an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. However, we cannot deny the fact that prolonged sun exposure can have awfully severe and undesirable physical as well as mental effects on a person, harming their overall health. To make sure you are not a target of merciless heat waves and to save you from the ruthless summer heat and irritable moods, we present you the Arctos Portable AC.

Multipurpose Usage: Depending on your personal needs and preferences, the Arctos Portable AC can be effectively be used as an air conditioner, environment humidifier or simply a regular fan. This is all thanks to its powerful intrinsic cooling unit and 3-in-1 design.

Moreover, every functioning mode devours different levels of electricity to operate, which means you can switch between the above-stated three modes to save dollars on your electricity bills.

User-Friendly:The portability and compact nature of Arctos Portable AC gives much more options than one could have, with wall mounted units. It suits households or businesses where constant cooling may not be necessary. Arctos portable air conditioners can be moved from one room to another, as may be needed. The same Arctos Portable AC used in the home can be used in the office as much as it can be used in the study or bedroom alike. All thanks to its portability. A centrally installed air conditioner wouldn’t make this any easier.

This helps one to cool areas that require so, and avoid the waste of energy and money in cooling rooms that aren’t occupied or are barely used. This is convenience redefined!

Easily transportable: Arctos Portable AC can come in handy for people who are always on the go. People who travel a lot can carry it along, even as they travel and enjoy the benefits of cool air. It can also be used in remote places without electricity since it is rechargeable. Comfort is not sacrificed with this air conditioner as it can always be kept handy.

Similarly, for people who have only temporary accommodation and can easily move to a new location like college students that live in hostels, the best option for such a temporary stay is a portable AC. The shifting process will become relatively easier with a portable air conditioner by one’s side order than the bulky one.

Eco-Friendly: Unlike other air conditioning devices that harm surrounding environments, the design and functionality of the Arctos Portable AC are eco-friendly and involve a setup that’s immensely kind to the surrounding nature.

In addition to this, we would like to highlight that the Arctos Portable AC does not use any harmful chemicals to function and dispense cool air. So, for all nature enthusiasts seeking an eco-friendly air-cooling device, you now know what to get.

Optimal Performance Every Time: One of the leading reasons why so many users get disappointed with their air conditioning units is simply their failure to function and dispense cool air in peak summer spells.

You would be delighted to know that the same isn’t the case with the Arctos Portable AC. With the Arctos portable air conditioning unit, you’d get what you were promised: incredibly cool air, even throughout unforgiving heat spells.


How Does Arctos Portable AC Work (arctos portable ac review)

Set up is easy as it works just straight out of the box. It is rechargeable with the type–C charging cable provided with the unit. To get it to work, just plug and allow it to charge and it’s ready for use. However, it does not consume too much electricity.

So, overall, Arctos Portable AC is energy efficient. If one senses that the air is less humid than required, water should be poured directly into the top of the unit, it will help to humidify the air while cooling and reducing the room temperature at the same time. Insert the water curtain after putting in the water. The curtain provided is said to last for up to 6 to 8 months before it requires changing. Nonetheless, the water curtains can also be purchased separately from the official website.

When turned on, the top lights up and it begins to work immediately, pumping out 2.7m/s of cold air which soon circulates in the room. Once everything’s done one can switch the device on and enjoy a nice, refreshing breeze.

One can as well select from the three fan speeds to suit personal needs, What’s more? – Arctos Portable AC also humidifies the air, helping relieve the sinuses and battle the blazing heat more effectively, as well as cleanses it by filtering out dust and allergen particles. So, not only will it effectively cool the air it also purifies the air.

How To Use Arctos Portable AC

The Arctos Portable AC requires minimal set-up for use as it comes mostly pre-assembled. Simply charge the battery and relish the refreshing cool air. To make the process easier for you to understand, unlike other Arctos Portable AC reviews, we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide on how you can set up and use it:

  • Place the Arctos Portable AC on an even, smooth surface and connect the adapter to the given port and join the adapter’s other end to a power socket.
  • Take out the water curtain from the drawer, immerse it in clean water and adjust it back into the drawer.
  • Finally, fill the water tank with clean water, and choose your preferred mode to relax.

Does Arctos Portable AC Actually Work?

Arctos AC is simply a portable device that has air cooling and humidifying capacity. First on its size: It’s quite a portable unit that is made with the intention of enhancing mobility. Some may refer to it as personal, with regards to the size

On cooling: Arctos Portable AC causes evaporation that results in cooling. The major resource it needs to work is water or ice. Simply fill the tank with water and allow it to work naturally. Because the unit does not require chemicals or any high voltage electric coils as seen in air conditioners, it is eco-friendly and natural. It can operate well with the doors and windows open as it does not recycle the circulating air.

Arctos Portable AC is efficient in bringing down the ambient temperature by some degrees but definitely does not offer extreme cooling as may be seen in conventional conditioning systems, but this nonetheless, is the real deal for people who want it cool but not cold. It’s also important to mention the air filtering capacity of this portable device. It has a detachable and cleanable air filter that functions to block out particles carried in the air that may turn out hazardous to the individual and this, definitely is a big plus. For people who struggle with allergies, it may even be a bigger plus.

On the humidification: From the working principle, this can be easily deduced. Fill the tank in the device with water, it is made to evaporate which in turn increases the humidity in that area. How is this beneficial? In hot and dry days, the air being circulated can be short of moisture which is not friendly to the respiratory system, especially the upper airway that needs to be kept constantly moisturized. Technically, this can prevent a lot of harm and is therefore beneficial.

Are Arctos Portable AC Really Good?



Arctos AC is a portable air conditioner that may be used as a fan or as an air conditioner that blows cool air in the direction of the user. Due to the fact that it is tiny and does not come with a tangle of cables, it is simple to move from one area to another. Instead, a micro USB cable will be provided to users in order to charge the device.

Because it has an in-built air filter, this air conditioner is perfect for usage in an inside setting; it filters out any unclean air and dust particles, only blowing clean, cool air in the direction of the user’s face.

The Arctos Portable AC is a reliable and reasonably priced air conditioner. It functions as a cordless air conditioner, a normal fan, and a humidifier all in one. In this regard, it is a three-in-one gadget that provides the user with customized cooling. Because of the way the AC is constructed, it is capable of removing dust particles from the air.

As a result of this, users will benefit from customized ventilation and clean air. This device is also user-friendly, and it has three fan speeds to choose from. It produces very little noise and can be used in a room or anywhere else without causing disruption.

Due to the fact that it is designed for the smart, health-conscious consumer to use with ease, Arctos Portable AC makes use of cutting-edge filtering and ionization technology. The goal is to make it simple for users to breathe clean air while also improving their overall health. This is reflected in the fact that the Arctos air conditioning cooling device is always being tested and evaluated by different individuals.

Customers who have bought and tested the Arctos Portable AC have discovered that it outperforms other portable air conditioners available on the market today. And, as a result of its features and reasonable pricing, this Arctos Portable AC has acquired widespread acceptance in a variety of countries.

Why Do You Need Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos Portable AC is a new air-cooling system that can help users stay comfortable with its compact, lightweight design and advanced cooling technology. It can be a potential solution for anyone who wishes to get through the summer without paying too much in the form of electricity bills.

Being a sleek, compact device, the arctos portable ac are suitable for a single person. Users can easily move it around the house due to its lightweight body. They can even consider carrying it to their workplace or on long tours.

According to the many arctos portable ac reviews, arctos portable ac mainly works as an air cooler to cool down the temperature of the room it is working in. However, it also comes with multiple settings that allow the users to utilize it for several other purposes.

For example, arctos portable ac can also be used as a humidifier to balance the level of moisture in the room and get rid of any dryness. To humidify the air, the arctos portable ac utilizes a water tank which has to be filled by the user with plain water regularly.

At the same time, the company has installed a small filter inside arctos portable ac which helps purify the air from any toxins, dust, and allergens that may otherwise cause diseases of the lungs and airways such as flue, sinusitis, etc. As a result, the air you breathe can not only become cooler but a lot more breathable as well.

Based on arctos portable ac reviews online, this air conditioner has helped many get through summers pleasantly and comfortably. If you are interested in purchasing this unit at 50% off.


Is Arctos Portable AC Legit Or Scam?

Yes, the Arctos Portable AC is totally legit! You can find proof of this by clicking here or head to Google and browse through a plethora of positive Arctos Portable AC reviews that validate the portable air conditioner’s legitimacy and success.

The Arctos Portable AC is definitely legit and different from other portable air conditioning units available in the market. And that is probably one of the leading reasons why people can’t seem to get enough of it. With Arctos Portable AC, you can enjoy the summer season without the sweat and exorbitant price tags.

Where To Buy Arctos Portable AC!

As Arctos Portable AC is only available on the manufacturer’s website, getting it must be done online. Users can process their payments through debit cards such as Visa cards, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Furthermore, utilizing a PayPal account is acceptable.


Frequently Asked Questions On Arctos Portable AC Review

Here are most of the frequently asked questions you can find on any arctos portable ac review online. Please read this carefully.

Does Arctos Portable AC require any installation?

No, it works directly out of the box and is quite simple to use. It’s just rechargeable and therefore a plug and play kind of stuff.

Do I need to buy my own batteries?

No, Arctos Portable AC comes with a powerful rechargeable 200mAh battery that can last for the entire day. The USB (type C) charging cable is also included.

Is the Arctos Portable AC safe to use when sleeping?

Absolutely, the device is extremely quiet, and it’s perfect for use in the bedroom.

How Much Does Arctos Portable Cost?

There is a 50% promotional discount, where one can order for just $89!

How frequently should I change the water curtains of Arctos Portable AC?

The water curtains inside the Arctos Portable AC may need a replacement in three to six months. The exact time depends on the frequency of use. If one uses it more often, the greater tendency that it will require a lesser time to change. When using it more frequently, consider replacing it in three months. Occasional users can, however, expect to get these curtains changed in six months,

Will Arctos Portable AC disturb me as I work or sleep?

No, because of its small size and high-tech machinery, it can cool up a room without generating too much noise to inconvenience the user. This means one can work or sleep without any disturbance.

Is Arctos Portable AC available at Amazon and Walmart?

The company states that it has not distributed the rights to sell Arctos Portable AC on any platform other than its official website. Hence, its availability on Amazon, Walmart, or any other third-party retailing shop is unlikely.

Is there a need for a professional to install Arctos Portable AC?

No, because the Arctos Portable AC comes in an assembled form, there is no need to hire any professional for installation. Moreover, it comes with a user manual that can guide anyone in the easiest way possible.

How many people can use a single unit of Arctos Portable AC?

Ideally, one unit of Arctos Portable AC has been designed to fulfill the needs of one person at a time. However, if someone is sitting very close to the user, they may also be able to share it. The best thing to do is get a separate unit for as much as the demands.

What is the best place to put Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos Portable AC needs to be placed on a flat surface for optimal working. It can be a working station, a shelf, nightshade or a cabinet. It can be placed on just any surface that it will be stable and used right on.

Is there a money-back guarantee for Arctos Portable AC?

The company is offering a 30 days refund policy which implies that if one is not satisfied with the product, there is a chance to return within the stipulated time.

Final Conclusion On Arctos Portable AC Review

You shouldn’t let the summer heat put a pin on your plans to have fun outdoors with your friends, family, and colleagues. With this arctos portable AC unit, you are assured to keep your cool regardless of the prevailing temperatures.

You should note that the available quantities are limited, hence the need to take advantage of the ongoing offer to get your arctos portable ac today. The limited-time discount should motivate you to get a unit for you and your loved ones.

It’s your chance to forever say goodbye to excess heat temperatures during the hot summer days. Remember, the arctos portable ac provides you with rapid cooling in less than thirty seconds, is convenient, portable, simple to use, features a cord-free operation, and can be used as a humidifier!


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