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Amazon Online Pharmacy for US Customers

Amazon started an online pharmacy service To overcome the risk regarding social distancing, the online colossus took an incredible step. As we are facing a global challenge in the shape of covid-19. Everyone in the world has to take some precautionary measures, especially regarding social distancing. There could be a big challenge if you get sick suddenly. Would you be able to go outside to purchase medicine or for a check-up?

The service provides a platform for customers to order their prescribed medicines. Medicine or prescription refills would be delivered within a few days to their doorstep. The likely effect of Amazon’s appearance in the medicine space undulated through that area right away. Loads of CVS Health Corp., Walgreens, and Rite Aid all tumbled Tuesday.

The system now creates upset moments after the announcement of this news. And become a competitive threat the analyst of Citi Research thinks.

Introducing Amazon Pharmacy

This is not a first-time amazon did create a disruption. It once launched an online book store in 1995. And pushed other booksellers to sell online. Borders bookstore chain was disappeared in 2011 as he was also the one who could not have the ability to keep going out of business.

If we talk about shipping companies it has also been threatened by Amazon. Because of their delivering more than half of its own packages itself. According to the US company, they will deliver creams, pills, & medications like insulin as well that need to stay refrigerated. What the customers have to do is they will have to create an account with their profile on Amazon’s website. Then they have to upload their prescriptions from their doctor. They will not ship any medication like opioids that may have high risk.

What are the objectives?

In any case, Prime individuals who don’t have protection can likewise purchase conventional or brand name medicine from Amazon for a markdown. They can likewise get limits at 50,000 actual medicine stores around the nation at Costco, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and different stores.

an analyst said that this approach will really make an impact on the small medicine stores. Amazon has really big concerns related to the health industry. As it t spent $750 million to buy online pharmacy PillPack. The online pharmacy will continue by focusing to serve the peoples for their medications.

Other online services like CVS and Walgreens are also working nationally to make easy medication service for their customers. They get now closer to their customers to make online shopping more reachable and fast. CVS and Walgreens yet not make any comment on this news Tuesday.

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