world cancer day 2021

World Cancer Day 2021- A Global Event for Cancer Awareness

Cancer is a prominent cause of death all over the world. world cancer day this year will be on February 4, 2021. According to recent studies, cancer is spreading quickly. And the death of individuals due to cancer is more than any other fatal diseases like malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis. The rate of the privilege of cancer is high in the underdeveloped and poor countries of the world where there is a lack of awareness.

To prevent this worst disease it is crucial to spread the word, and it is only possible by creating awareness among people of all ages. For this purpose, by the united effort of the world health organization, world cancer day is celebrated on February 4 at the global level every year.

The major cause behind celebrating this day is to make people aware of the cause’s symptoms and other facts relating to cancer so, that it can be prevented by collective efforts. In this article, we will talk about the world’s cancer day to enhance your knowledge in this regard. So let’s move forward!

Why celebrate the world’s cancer day?

Millions of people die every year due to cancer which is an alarming situation. There are several reasons behind deaths like unawareness, lack of preventative measures, poor diet, and many others. Moreover, if this situation is not handled well it may cause more millions of death in 2021 and can put the world in the worst situation.

That is why; world cancer day will be celebrated on February 4, 2021, to achieve the following goals effectively:

  • Strong awareness among people
  • Fundraising to cope with cancer at the global level
  • Ways to avoid cancer
  • Utilization of all possible sources to prevent cancer
  • Creation of a sense of encouragement in people
  • Exploration of various ways for detection and treating cancer

World’s cancer day has turned into a movement with positive effects and outcomes regarding all types of cancer in both genders. Eradication of cancer is a challenge for all of us and therefore a lot of events and activities conducted by governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, schools, parks, malls, and at the individual level.

The main objective behind all these events is the spreading of awareness in society. Online celebration of this day has become a trend in 2021 and social media along with mainstream media will be an effective and strong voice for generating awareness among all classes of people.

I Am and I will, world cancer day 2021 theme

“I am and I will“

The theme of worlds cancer day 2021 is I am and I will. This phrase is all about your safety and your commitment to participate in a positive cause of awareness. This motto empowers you to play an essential and constructive part in preventing the world from cancer. Because by collective efforts we can achieve our objective easily. You can stand up for a cancer-free world by joining hands with one another.

Your participation in world’s cancer day 2021 will be effective. Are you thinking about how can you be a part of this great movement? Well! No need to worry you can get involved in the following ways:

  • Create a plan for setting an event at your home or workplace. And make a sure maximum contribution of people around you.
  • Be a volunteer and effective part of the world’s cancer day 2021 by participating in the events conducted for cancer awareness.
  • Sharing of the message is crucial in this regard so, along with scientists, advocates, doctors. And supporters of this campaign convey your message to all public.
  • Social media is a leading platform in 2021 due to its immense power and importance so, being a user of social media post your message on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps of this platform for more and more awareness.
  • Along with the creation of a strong sense of awareness among the world create an appropriate sign in your residential area for better participation.
  • The great campaign of cancer day is challenging to move forward without money. So raise funds at all levels and be a constructive contributor at the individual and community level.
  • According to the native language be dutiful in translating the material regarding cancer awareness for a better understanding of a layman.
  • By joining hands make sure your donation to this effective cause.
So, by summing it up!

No doubt, cancer is being prevailed in our society and creating the worst situation to tackle. But is preventable by creating awareness at all individual levels. However, the need of the hour is spreading the word regarding causes, preventions, symptoms, and treatment of cancer.

It is our global obligation to set seminars, conferences, and other activities at both small and large levels in communities. For this purpose, be a constructive member of the world’s cancer day 2021. And make sure your contribution by any mean in making a world free of cancer.

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