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Secrets to being healthy in 2020

If you are worried about your health in 2020 due to pandemic. Maybe you have a weak immune system or a lack of a balanced diet.  I will tell you some easy and home remedies for being healthy and fit. Indeed a strong immune system makes you able to fight against external diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

5 Common tips to make your life healthy

1. Eat Garlic

Garlic a natural herb contains a lot of benefits it belongs to the family of onions another natural herb. Mostly eaten in south Asia like Pakistan and India etc. It’s highly recommended to add garlic in your daily food. garlic can help you to fight against heart disease, respiratory diseases like seasonal flu, etc. It can be used to maintain your blood pressure as well. In short, garlic has some serious hidden benefits that you should not avoid to being healthy.

2. Exercise Regularly

No doubt exercise is the most important part of your life doctors highly recommend you to go for a morning walk or to go for exercise anywhere. It will keep you maintain your mental level as well as keep you active in your life. Exercise prevents you from various diseases like anxiety, Respiratory disease, kidney disease.

Excersise will help you to maintain your weight and it makes you able to take decision and motivate you for learning. Excercise will also help you to minimize heart diseases because of proper blood circulation in your body.  If you are facing problems with your sleep don’t worry start exercising believe me it will improve your sleep as well. There is another magical affect of exercise start a work and note down your work progress with or without exercise you will see a huge difference between that graph.

3. Avoid Smoking

If you are addicted to smoking you are really in trouble with your health. It will increase anxiety and make you feel uncomfortable till you don’t go for that. It will affect on your lungs directly and you can face breathing problem. If you want a healthy life for you and for your family quite as soon as possible may be excersie or some other sports activity may help you to quit this habbit.

4. Drink Water instantly

Water is an major essential for a life as well as it is fact that you can’t even survive without water, doctors highly recommend that every human should drink 200ml-2500ml water daily. water make your organs to works properly. It makes your skin healthy and prevent you from various skin infection as well. Drinking water affect your brain functionality when you feel thirsty you must drink it.

5. Eat Fruits and vegetables 

Its not necessary that you must eat meat everytime your body needs some major nutrients that could be found in vegetables and fruits. It contains a lot of protein that will help to boost your energy level. Fruits are rich in protien eat them and make your life healthy.


Its concluded that to being a healthy person you need to make your life schedulable. Get whatever is necessary to make you healthy and happy. Make a daily Routin of yourslef do excercise regularly and maintain you balance food.

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