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One minute Malaria test is more Effective than Conventional test

Despite the revolutionary change in medical science, malaria test is still a headache in many regions. Now, the new test, which shows results in one minute, has surpassed the traditional test in its effectiveness and efficiency.

This test tool is called Gazelle which is the most accurate, low cost, and easy to use. Its battery works all day on a single charge and is no less than a blessing, especially for the poor and underprivileged. Interestingly, this one-minute results system is many times faster and better than traditional and certified tests.

It Can identify malaria and sickle cell disease and has been successfully tested in many countries

That has been extensively tested in Brazil and has beaten the Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT). It is even more effective than microscopically identifying Plasmodium vivax (P vivax). Details are published in the March 12 issue of the Journal of Malaria.

In this regard, in a double-blind study, Gazelle has been tested on 300 people and the best results have come out. It should be noted that the rate of infection with P. vivax malaria is very high in this region of Brazil.

Dr. Marcus Lessarda, an expert involved in the study, says that PYVX is unrecognizable by many tests and continues to spread havoc. Symptoms appear again and again and the infection spreads further. Now with the Gazelle test, we are moving towards the eradication and identification of malaria.

Bottom Line

P. vivax malaria is common in many countries but is less lethal than other types of malaria P. falciparum. However, it can also cause death in severe infections.

This test is 92% more effective than optical microscopy. Thus, 16 out of 100 cases of malaria were identified through the RTD method. While Gazelle did not identify only 4 out of 100 cases. The good news is that no cold chain is needed for this test and it can quickly replace the traditional test.

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