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Nursing interventions for patients with erectile dysfunction

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Nursing intervention for erectile dysfunction patients occurs in cases where the medical or psychological causes need treatment at the medical centers.  Generally, older males need nursing intervention to diagnose, cure, and post-treatment care to deal with issues.

Erectile dysfunction is a soft erection or lack of hard erection for penetrating sex. a man who is sexually aroused and has no apparent medical cause, but still cannot get an erection hard enough for penetrating sex is said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.  There are drugs to cure or overcome erectile dysfunction such as Levitra 40 mg.  But finding the underlying cause is necessary to understand the proper causes for a permanent cure.

Nursing intervention is needed in the following cases of erectile dysfunction
Prostate cancer and its treatment

This Disease is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction in older males in the world. Prostate cancer or benign prostate enlargement both lead to erectile dysfunction. Treatment is available for both the cases, but proper diagnoses and medical checkup is needed before treatment starts.

After treatment of benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancer, the patient can use erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra 150 mg for an erection. But the use depends on several factors like current health status, age of the patient, and function and medical status of other vital organs of the body.

Until the complete recovery, the patient is under the close watch of nursing staff at the medical center. After the surgery or treatment for benign prostate enlargement, a patient has to be given various therapies to get sexual rehabilitation. At the same time, there has to be regular monitoring of his psychological condition during the treatment and rehabilitation process.

A long period of hospitalization may cause some mental issues. Along with health recovery, the nursing intervention has to ensure that the patient is able to sexually function normally after complete recovery.  

Judgment on the use of erectile dysfunction drugs

Nursing intervention makes sure that the best erectile dysfunction solution is judged for the patient. A male in mid-years of life after recovery can use drugs like Cenforce 100 mg for an erection. But can an old man recovering from prostate cancer use ED medicines? Other options such as vacuum tubes, injection at the base of the penis to get an erection, and surgery option to fix inflatable rods, need proper medical and nursing intervention.

Cardiovascular issues or disease

A man with cardiovascular disease needs proper medical care to deal with the underlying cause first. And then gradually, the patients need medical guidance to recover and take the best option for erectile dysfunction.

Here, without medical guidance, a patient cannot resume a normal sexual life. The post-treatment care includes understanding the mental and emotional state of the patient. Understanding erectile dysfunction and health parameters of the patient are also part of the treatment. The degree of erectile dysfunction is important to give the appropriate ED medicine. If a normal Sildenafil 100 mg can do the job, there is no need to go for a higher dose. The nursing intervention has to ensure that the patient is able to have a normal healthy desire for intimacy following the complete recovery. The medicines do not have any adverse impact on the sexual life of the patient. Since medicines interact with ED drugs, the patient has to maintain a gap of 24 hours between medication and ED drugs.

Stages in the nursing intervention

The first stage is a consultation on the issue underlying erectile dysfunction. It also includes home calls, home visits, and visits of the patient to the medical center. The second stage is the diagnosis stage and then the treatment stage. After treatment, comes the post-treatment stage, which is also a rehabilitation stage. During rehabilitation, the process also involves sexual rehabilitation and recommendation for a proper dose for overcoming erectile dysfunction.                                                                                                                     

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