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Immunity: Your Natural and Effective Protection Against Pathogens


Immunity is crucial for the survival of an individual. It acts as the first line of defense to protect the organism from several kinds of infections including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Thus it can be defined as the ability of a multicellular individual to fight against the harmful disease-causing agent. It involves specific and nonspecific components that take part in removing harmful pathogens from the body.

Kinds of immunity

There are two kinds of immunity exists in living organisms

  • Active immunity
  • Passive immunity
Active immunity

It develops when the immune system of the individual stimulates the production of antibodies after exposure to a pathogen. This exposure may occur naturally or can be induced by introducing a killed pathogen into the body.

Passive immunity

Passive immunity can be developed by injecting antibodies into the body of an organism. For example, a new-born develops passive immunity from his or her mother via the placenta. Passive immunity can also be adopted by transfusing blood products containing immunoglobulins in it.

How does the immune system work to remove pathogens?

The immune system is highly specific and effective. Whenever any foreign particle invaded the body the components of the immunity detect this change and produce antibodies against it. Following cells comes in action and eliminate infectious particle from the body immediately

  • Macrophages
  • Neutrophils
  • Basophils
  • Eosinophil
  • Dendritic cells

Pathogens System Diagram

How can you boost up your immunity effectively?

Enhancing immunity is vital to living a healthy life. No doubt, our defensive systems perform an extraordinary job to fight against harmful microorganisms. But it cannot do its job properly in various circumstances. So a question arises here, how to boost up the defense mechanism to protect your body against infectious diseases?

Well! It is simple and easy. The first and foremost thing is to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. By adopting general health tips you can improve your immunity naturally by keeping the immune system healthy and strong. The protection of all parts of the body from the harm and fluctuation of the environment is crucial. Similarly, the protection of the immune system is vital for its better functioning. So consider the following tips to make your defense mechanism healthier and stronger naturally

  • Take a healthy diet enriched in vitamins and proteins
  • Eat fruits and green vegetables regularly
  • Physical activity is important for a healthy body so exercise daily
  • Do not let you weight to increase and maintain a moderate weight for good health
  • Avoid stress and keep your mind calm
  • Get enough sleep to enhance the efficiency of the immune system
  • Cook your make adequately
  • Wash hands frequently to avoid infections
Can you enhance immunity with herbs and natural supplements?

You might have seen many bottles containing herbal pills and liquids claiming to boost up immunity. Some of the supplements are found healthy and change the functions of the immune system but still, there are no actual shreds of evidence available that can support the use of supplements. Thus far, it is concluded that herbs and supplements cannot improve your defense mechanism strong to a level where it can work better for your protection. But still, from starting until now the use of supplements is a highly complex matter and is under study by scientists.

Some factors to reduce immunity

Now let’s discuss what the factors are which decreases immunity:

Age and immunity: as age increases the efficiency of the immune system reduces and you become susceptible to infectious diseases. Aged people are at the risk of adopting many contagious diseases due to the weakness of the immune system. Following diseases are the common causes of mortality in old aged people

  • COVID-19
  • Influenza

Stress and immunity:  modern research has concluded that there is a close relationship between mind and body. Stomach upset, emotional disturbances, and heart diseases are contributing to the elevation of stress levels worldwide. So a stressed lifestyle continuously contributes to the reduction of your defense mechanism that ultimately puts you at the risk of getting sick badly specifically from infections.

Relation of the diet with immunity: to fight effectively against pathogens immune components required a healthy diet for good nourishment. The scientist has concluded that people living in poor conditions are more susceptible to infectious diseases due to malnutrition. However, it is not always various studies are going on to find certain facts.

So by summing it up we can say Exercise is good for immunity

A physically active lifestyle is a foundation for a healthy life. A lot of researches so far have concluded that exercise helps improve immunity in all ages with good results. Exercise has the following beneficial effects on the body

  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Maintain body weight
  • Improve the health of the immune system
  • Maintain blood pressure

Exercise leads to a good immune system. It leaves a good impact on the components of the defense system by allowing them to move freely in blood circulation for an effective job. So do not worry about your immunity and adopts a balanced and healthy lifestyle. You will find it effective for your immune health.

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