How To Increase Testosterone Secretion

Testosterone, which makes up the majority of male hormones, has many positive effects on the body due to increased secretion. I want to be youthful and energetic forever! I will teach such a person a lifestyle that increases testosterone.

What is the “good thing” that the male hormone (testosterone) gives to the body?

Testosterone is a sort of male hormone that makes supposed “masculinity”. It is involved in masculine body formation such as muscles and hair and spermatogenesis, but in fact, this testosterone does not stop there.

What is good that happens when you increase testosterone?
Be motivated and positive

Testosterone is involved in maintaining the health of organelles and mitochondria that produce energy for the body. It has an important key to lively and youthful activities, and it calms negative moods such as anger and anxiety, and stabilizes the mental state. It also has the effect of promoting the production of dopamine, which is a source of pleasure, euphoria, and motivation.

Get energetic

It is directly linked to reproductive function and controls sperm production and libido. Less secretion leads to less energy.

Manly body

Bones and muscles are easier to develop

Creates a manly skeleton and muscles. The muscles of men that are not found in women are the power of testosterone. The muscle-building effect is even used in prohibited drugs such as doping in sports competitions.

Restores memory and concentration

Research has shown that the number of branches of nerve cells in the brain increases and they are strongly connected. By increasing the power of nerve cells exchanging information, it seems that intellectual functions such as memory/concentration, determination, and judgment can be expected to improve. It is understandable that dementia occurs more often in women than in men, and that testosterone is actually administered to postmenopausal women to improve their memory.

Prolong your health

It raises the production of nitric oxide, which prevents the accumulation of impurities, such as cholesterol in internal organs and blood vessels. This leads to the prevention of diseases related to blood vessels and the burning of visceral fat, and it’s said that those with high testosterone levels have a lower

risk of lifestyle-related diseases. To put it simply, not creating obstacles to internal organs and blood vessels means that the body functions smoothly.

How to increase testosterone in your daily life

Androgens can be greatly disturbed by lifestyle and stress. It goes without saying that physical function will not work properly if an unfavorable load is applied. No matter how much you treat with hormone therapy, the effect will be halved. However, looking back on your daily habits and taking a little care in your daily life can lead to a testosterone level. Cenforce 150  and Vilitra 40 are improving love life.

Eating habits

Zinc, good protein, and vitamins can help increase testosterone. Of course, balanced nutrition is a prerequisite, but zinc is so involved in sperm function that it is called a sex mineral overseas, and it also helps remove active oxygen, which is the cause of aging. The protein is the source of muscle. It seems that a diet that builds good muscles activates male hormones, and conversely, a protein deficiency suppresses hormone secretion. Also, as you know, vitamins help the absorption of various nutrients and regulate the body, and if they are deficient, the absorption rate of other nutrients will be inferior.

Life / stress

Insomnia (lack of sleep) and stress also have many adverse effects on male hormones. During sleep, we perform physical maintenance such as treating fatigue and recovering functions, so if you continue to lack sleep, your body will not work smoothly. Getting a good night’s sleep relieves fatigue and stress and raises testosterone levels, and insomnia and stress are still great enemies of health and beauty.


Stimulating muscles with exercise stimulates testosterone secretion. However, it should be noted that exercise such as a full marathon causes a large amount of secretion due to great damage to the muscles, causing the testosterone in the blood to drop at once. Maintaining muscles with moderate muscle training and slow running will help balance your hormones. It is also important to prevent obesity by exercising, because a lot of fat may increase the hormone (prolactin) that suppresses the secretion of testosterone.

Exercise also affects mental health, such as stress relief, so I would like to incorporate something that can be continued in daily life.

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