Nano CBD Oil for 2022

5 Best Nano CBD Oil Brands Available to Look at in 2022

Here are the 5 Best Nano CBD Oil Brands Available to Look at in 2022. In recent years the popularity of nanotechnology has rapidly increased. In different industries, it has been used to break things down to a minute scale, nearly unperceivable to the average person. And few industries have embraced the use of nanotechnology in improving products like the CBD industry. Nanotechnology helps make CBD products more effective and dosing more predictable and stable for end users. But with the growth of nanotech in the CBD industry, it has become challenging to differentiate between the top nano CBD Oil brands. 

So, if you’re interested in learning more about nano-CBD oil brands and products, you’ve come to the right place. Below we have collected our top picks for the five best nano-CBD brands and their top products. Be sure to stick around till the end, as we will be answering some of the most common questions about nano-CBD oil. Let’s dive right in.

Joy Organics CBD Softgels

Joy Organics is one of the most reputable providers of CBD products around. They are renowned for their high-quality products, but the brand isn’t one to rest on their laurels. They are constantly pushing the industry forward, as can be seen with how they incorporated nanotechnology into their soft gel CBD tablets.

Thanks to the use of nano-emulsion technology, these nano CBD soft gels are water-soluble and thus work synergistically with your body to be absorbed faster into the bloodstream. This means that relief is faster and longer-lasting when compared to regular CBD products. 

What we like: This product is easier to dose thanks to the uniformity of the soft gel composition. Ensuring the proper dosage of some other CBD oil products can be challenging in comparison. 

What we don’t like: While you are indeed paying for a top-to-bottom high-quality product at just 30 tabs a bottle, there are more cost-effective options on the market if you are price-conscious.

Nanocraft CBD Night Time CBD Oil for Sleep

Do you toss and turn through the due to poor-quality sleep? Would you kill for a product that will help you fall asleep fast but without the grogginess and mental fog that other sleep-aids can cause? If this sounds of interest to you, consider giving Nanocraft CBD’s sleep-aid CBD oil a try. The use of nanotechnology means that the body can absorb the compounds that promote a restful, deep sleep more quickly and thus speed the users off to slumberland. 

What we like: The sleep-wellness niche is underrepresented in nano-CBD oil, which is part of the reason why this product is so great. It has a formula specifically targeted to help those struggling with sleeplessness, insomnia, or night-time anxiety get a good night’s sleep.

What we don’t like: Those looking for a nano-CBD oil for use during the day should consider other options. This product might not be suitable for daytime use, as it will most likely cause drowsiness.

Pure Craft Nano CBD Broad Spectrum Oil

This nano-CBD oil from Pure Craft is one of the best nano-CBD options thanks to its smooth flavoring and THC-free constitution. The packaging is designed with a custom-fitted dropper and UV protection to protect against oxidization of the oil—which can cause it to spoil or lose effectiveness.

What we like: The use of all-natural ingredients to source this CBD oil’s flavor options such as vanilla, orange, blueberry, and peppermint.

What we don’t like: While there are multiple sizes available, all of them can be considerably more expensive when compared to other nano-CBD options on this list. Additionally, the dosing instructions can be vague.

Saha Self-Care Premium Nano CBD Softgels

Similar to the soft gel tabs highlighted above from Joy Organics, this version offered by Saha is another good option for those looking for nano-CBD in an oral pill form. With 25mg of CBD per tab, this is one of the most potent products we have highlighted thus far.

What we like: The ease with which these gel tabs can be dosed when compared to other nano-CBD options such as tinctures. 

What we don’t like: Tablets are only available in 25mg doses, and a bottle can be more expensive than other options listed (such as Joy Organics).

Zen Leaf Nano Water Soluble CBD

One complaint that we hear often is how bitter some CBD products can taste. But with fun and inventive flavors such as strawberry cream, mango melon, and blueberry vanilla, this nano-CBD oil from Zen Leaf clearly doesn’t suffer from this issue. The flavors are all-natural, and purified water and terpenes are used throughout. 

What we like: The highly concentrated formula makes this one of the most potent nano-CBD oils available. (Because of this, it pays to be careful with your initial dosing.)

What we don’t like: This nano-CBD oil is taken by using a dropper to place it under the tongue, and while this speeds the cannabinoids to the bloodstream, it also can be unpleasant or difficult to accomplish for some users.

Nano CBD Oil Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to nano-CBD products, there can be a lot of confusing jargon to wade through, and finding straight answers to simple questions can be hard to come by. For this reason, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most pressing questions consumers bring to us about nano-CBD. 

How does nano-CBD oil work?

Nano-CBD oil can be made in various proprietary ways, most of which utilize supersonic vibrations to break the cannabinoids into smaller pieces that are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream. This speeds relief when compared to conventional CBD products. This is possible for many reasons, the least of which is because nano CBD is water-soluble. 

What is in nano-CBD oil products?

The specific formulation will depend on the brand and product that you are using. In general, nano-CBD products will have the same essential ingredients found in non-nano CBD goods. This helps to underscore the importance of independent testing on CBD products, the type of testing undertaken by brands, in helping to ensure you are getting the product you think you are paying for.

Is using nano-CBD safe? Will it get me “high”?

When used as directed, nano-CBD is perfectly safe to use and highly effective at treating various physical and mental ailments. And as is true for typical CBD products, there should never be enough of the high-producing THC ingredient present to cause any mind-altering effects. If you are worried about even a minimal amount of THC being present in the products you use, go for any CBD oil advertised as broad-spectrum, such as those offered by Joy Organics, as they actively remove any THC that may be present.

I suffer from a specific condition, will nano-CBD oil work for me?

Nano-CBD oil has shown many of the same benefits that regular CBD oil has in treating conditions such as epilepsy, arthritis, and anxiety. Many customers have reported that CBD has helped improve symptoms beyond just these conditions, such as chronic migraines or insomnia. However, always consult with your doctor before altering any treatment plans or adding a CBD product to your health tactics. 

We’re always here to help!

By now, we hope you have come to recognize the benefits that nano-CBD oil maintains. We’ve looked at five of the best nano-CBD brands, what we like and don’t like about each of them, and even provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we come across.

Are you still confused about nano-CBD? Think we missed one of your favorite products? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to any CBD experts anytime!

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