Get Rid Of Skin Acne

6 Unknown Ways To Get Rid Of Skin Acne

Skin battles are becoming tougher to fight by the day, especially for those who still haven’t mastered their skin’s needs. Skin Acne is among the most notorious skin problems that most people have to deal with.

Thanks to revolutionary skincare techniques, acne is becoming easier to handle. It takes a great deal of discipline to ensure your skin is free from acne and its cruel effects.

Different skin types have varying needs that keep them going. Sensitive skin, for example, may need carefully tested skincare products. Here are six unknown ways to get rid of skin acne.

1. Wash Your Face Every Day

Neglecting your skin makes room for other skin conditions aside from acne. Facial skin is quite sensitive and requires thorough care and maintenance practices. Engaging in daily facial wash routines is one of them and must never go unattended.

Ensure that you pick all the right facial wash products that sit well with your skin. Read through the labels first to understand the results to expect on your face. Invest in all the certified brands to avoid risking the general wellbeing of your skin.

The maximum number of times to wash your face daily should be twice. Anything more or less than this would be putting your skin at risk of attaining terrible results. Wash your face in the morning before you leave the house and in the evening before bedtime.

This keeps your skin intact and prevents your pores from getting clogged. Washing is beneficial because it enables your skin to breathe, especially if you’ve been wearing makeup all day.

2. Use Proper Facial Products

The worst part about getting rid of acne is losing track of all the right directions and products. For instance, it’s easy to adopt a facial care routine but fail miserably by picking all the wrong products.

Worse still, one might pick the right products but use them in the wrong way and mess everything up eventually. When planning to fight off acne, consult a certified dermatologist, especially when it all sounds new.

They’ll run some tests on your skin to determine your skin type. Once you know your skin type, it’ll be easier for the dermatologist to prescribe some products that will turn your life around.

Some may go as far as involving the use of CBD products to save the situation. It’s not a bad idea considering CBD holds an impressive track record in the medical arena.

Skin issues such as acne are not too challenging for CBD to handle. It works specifically when applied correctly. CBD capsules from  are at the top of the list of CBD products to try on all stages of acne.

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3. Use a Clean Face Towel

As stated earlier, facial skin is susceptible and requires a sensitive touch. One way of doing this is to ensure that you’re using a clean face towel after your facial routines. 

Using the same towel from yesterday or last week makes your face a breeding ground for germs. In turn, they block and clog your pores, giving room for a fresh round of acne.

Throw your facial towels in the washing machine as soon as you’re through with your sessions. Hang them out to dry and then fold them neatly and store them in preparation for the following facial routine session.

This rule applies especially to those who wear makeup daily for long hours. Re-using face towels without washing only leads to the transfer of harmful bacteria, which leads to whiteheads, blackheads, and of course, pimples.

4. Check Your Diet

Our skin is entirely dependent on the food, snacks, and drinks we take. The skin is a sum total of what goes into our bodies in terms of diet. To reduce and remedy the outbreak of acne, check your diet and ensure it’s always balanced.

Foremost, remember to hydrate as much as you can because water contains all that’s necessary to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Focus more on water as your primary hydrant.

Next, ensure that your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is up to par. They play a significant role in the repair of damaged skin and leave it looking and feeling fresh.

5. Change Your Pillowcase Often


One’s pillowcase is a breeding ground for multiple bacteria and other harmful organisms that threaten the facial skin’s wellbeing. Change it as often as you can since it harbors the likes of sweat and other unhealthy causes of acne.

Aside from preventing acne, changing your pillowcase ensures a night of blissful sleep. Healthy sleeping patterns contribute positively to the improvement of your facial skin.

6. Avoid Touching Your Face

The only good time to do this is when washing your face. Otherwise, it’s unhealthy always to have your hands coming into contact with your face for some reason.

Train yourself always to keep off because your hands are all over and go about picking germs involuntarily. Touching your face unnecessarily leads to the transfer of the germs and bacteria in question.


Adhering to all the tips listed above is a sure way to prevent and treat acne. The results may not be instantaneous, but consistency in following up the tips goes a long way.

Most of the tips are common sense and only require great discipline to enforce. At the end of the day, your skin deserves the best care and treatment.


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