6 Common Problems That Warrant a Visit to Your Orthodontist

6 Common Problems That Warrant a Visit to Your Orthodontist

Dental care for your overall health is essential at all costs. Failure to carry out dental hygiene might result in serious dental problems that might cause you to lose your teeth, experience too much pain, sores, and others. To avoid this, it’s recommended to always visit a dentist or an orthodontist.

However, sometimes you can be confused about whether to visit your orthodontist or dentist. Not every day, do you get to walk to a dentist because of dental problems, as some are beyond their scope. Here are the six common problems that warrant a visit to your orthodontist.

Sleep Apnea or Breathing Problems

When you have sleep apnea, your throat and tongue muscles tend to relax; hence you encounter trouble breathing due to your airway being blocked. In most cases, the narrow jaw might avert your teeth from getting into a proper arrangement, thus blocking oxygen from passing. You will only know you have sleep apnea if you often:


  • Have a dry throat
  • Sore throat
  • Snore loudly
  • Breathe with your mouth to get enough air

If you are experiencing all these, it’s time you visit your orthodontist as oral appliances can help with sleep apnea. Your orthodontist can realign your jaw or tongue so that your airway is open, not enclosed while sleeping.

Articulation Problem

If you have a problem pronouncing some sounds or a specific sound like “s” and instead it comes out as “th”, you could suffer from articulation disorders. Slurring or stuttering words can result from the structure of your jaw, which limits movement. Additionally, lisps and gaps you have between your teeth can also cause you to have articulation problems.

While some articulation problems are unknown or might result from genetics, some can be treated by an orthodontist. You will get orthodontic treatment, such as braces that will help realign your mouth and teeth and help you correctly articulate words.


Malocclusion is known as one of the most common dental problems. If you are suffering from malocclusion, then the chances are that your upper and lower teeth don’t align when closing your mouth. Malocclusion can cause many problems like overbites, cross bites, or open bites, and as a result, your teeth won’t fit properly.

If a malocclusion is left untreated, you can have decayed teeth, lose your teeth and even have gum disease. If you are experiencing pain in your gums and teeth, visit a trusted orthodontist in NYC who will help rectify your problem.

You are Suffering From Hyperdontia

You have grown from a child who has 20 teeth known as primary teeth to an adult who has 32 permanent teeth. Surprisingly, you can develop more primary teeth in your mouth due to hyperdontia. The extra teeth can grow anywhere in your mouth and attach to your jaws.

The extra teeth can cause a lot of pressure on your jaws and gums, making them painful, swollen, and crooked. To avoid this, you should visit an orthodontist who will remove the extra teeth.

Low Self-Esteem due to Crooked Smile

There are instances where you are embarrassed to either speak or even smile because you feel you don’t have the perfect smile you want. You don’t have any significant issues regarding your teeth, but your smile appears uneven or crooked, making you lack confidence.

You can gain confidence back if you visit your orthodontist who will transform and give you the perfect smile you desire. 

Chewing Problems

When you are eating, you are supposed to chew your food and then swallow it. However, you can develop difficulty chewing due to mouth pain, mucositis, tooth decay, or your teeth’ alignment. If you are undergoing any of these signs, it will not only be hard for you to chew your food, but you will also not enjoy it.

In case you are experiencing any symptoms or signs such as these, you should visit your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will prescribe the best medication you require or recommend physical therapy involving jaws.


You should not prolong your visit to your orthodontist if you have any signs mentioned above. Book an appointment to help rectify any problems that will leave your dental hygiene all happy and pain-free.

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