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6 Advantages of Essential Oils to Sleep Better

Several technological advancements in the medical sector have led to new drug inventions. Besides over-the-counter drugs, treatment centers are now opting for herbal treatment methods. An example is the use of essential oils

They come from plant extracts with several chemical properties that help treat cancer and insomnia. In treating cancer, essential oils work by relieving some of the symptoms leading to the increase of the cancerous cells in your body.

When it comes to treating insomnia, natural oils are very effective. Moreover, there are several advantages you will get by using them, and they include;

It boosts your mood, allowing you to sleep fast.

When you are in a bad mood, it is very difficult to get some sleep. You may end up staying up all night trying to figure out how to change your mood. However, by breathing essential oils, you can change your mood fast.

Moreover, you will also be in a good mood after waking up as certified green thai kratom products are the most effective in changing your mood. You can use it in the evening or a few minutes before taking a nap, depending on what suits you best. 

Reduces nausea

Nausea is a common symptom of several diseases that can disrupt your normal lifestyle. Experiencing nausea might make you stay up all night since you will find it difficult to sleep, and you will have to wake up several times during the night. Using essential oils will help cure nausea within a few minutes, and you can sleep well without any disruptions. 

Reduces stress

One major cause of insomnia is stress. If you are stressed out, your body won’t function well, resulting in you staying up all night. Essential oils contain chemicals that work with brain receptor cells, allowing your body to relax and relieve you from any stress that you may be experiencing. 

Essential oils benefits

Relieves headache

It is quite common to experience headaches after a long day at work or school. Well, painkillers might help, but they may take a lot of time to be effective, and you may end up not getting enough hours of sleep which affects your work performance. Natural oil extracts are a suitable option due to their immediate effect; you can take them to help prevent your headache from distracting you from sleeping. 

Has a great smell

Since these oils come in different varieties; some have great aromas that help put you to sleep. You will be able to experience both a good rest while enjoying the aroma it comes with. In addition, you can incorporate the essential oils into your daily schedule if you have a problem sleeping. 

Relieves chronic pain

If you are experiencing chronic pain, you will find it difficult to sleep. You may end up staying up all night trying to look for effective pain killers. Although there are plenty of over-the-counter drugs you can use to help you, natural oils are a preferred method since they have natural ingredients that pose no major effects on the body while relieving stress.

Relieves pain

How to use essential oils

There are various methods you can use in taking your oils depending on your preferences, and they include;

  • Aromatherapy involves smelling the oils. The process is quite effective in helping you get in a good mood and relax since the essential oils trigger the central nervous system resulting in an immediate emotional response. You can either heat a few drops of the oils and inhale it or take deep breaths directly from the bottle. 
  • Ingestion:  You can take it orally by mixing them with tea or supplements. Alternatively, you can take a few drops of the essential oils directly. 
  • Topical application: You can apply them directly to your skin as you wait for them to get absorbed into your body. However, if you experience skin irritation, you can mix essential oils with jojoba oil. 

common essential oils

Common essential oils

There are plenty of options you can choose from; they include

  • Lavender oil, which helps in treating bacteria.
  • Tea tree oil is used in treating acne.
  • Frankincense oil treats insomnia and is a mood enhancer.
  • Peppermint oil enhances your mood, supports your memory, digestion and eases headaches.
  • Eucalyptus oil helps in treating cold symptoms.

Bottom line

Besides treating insomnia, essential oils serve other roles, including reducing anxiety and depression. You should take extra caution when using essential oils if you are pregnant, an older adult, or below the legal age since it may affect your immune system. It would help consult your doctor to guide you on using the oils appropriately. 

Furthermore, it would help research the variety of essential oils that may suit your condition, and you can order essential oils from online stores. Alternatively, you can create your homemade essential oils, but you need to know the different plant extracts you can use in making them. 


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