Turning emotion into beautiful music; How does a music producer do it all?

Producing music is a vast and complex task with any universal concept that does not cater to a specific music-creating program and style. However, the question “what does a music producer do?”still stands in commercial music. If you listen to artists like Ed Sheeran, Adele, and others, you may wonder what makes their songs sound so perfect. Is it vocals, maybe, or is it the lyrics? Yes, but the real credit goes to the music producers they work with.Many music producers work freelance and in-house for independent or more prominent labels. Through his record label, one such music producer who created music for numerous genres is David Veslocki.

David Veslocki

Veslocki is a Grammy Award-Nominated, #1 Billboard chart-winning guitarist, producer, and founder of Sapphire record. He has been heard worldwide on countless radio stations, networks, and feature films with music productions that have earned him first place in the International Songwriting Competition and the Unsigned Only Music Competition.

As a music producer,his work can be heard in commercials for Ancestry.com, Major League Baseball, Sperry, Nivea, and Nissan; when it comes to films, he has produced music for All About the Money, Roll With Me, Adam, as the anthem for Dreamfields Festival in Bali. He has also been featured in shows that aired on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, MTV, NBC, PBS, and VH1, and on countless other placements with Universal Music Group and his publisher, the Royalty Network.

He has co-producing songs like As Lucky day by Hunter Hunted, Breach by ATB; We are by Rene Rodrigezz, Ooh LaLa (Ft Busta rhymes) coming out soon; Wildcard (Ft Lil Wayne), and “Heavy dreamers”which is a Dreamfields anthem. He is also a record executive for songs like “21st-century Spanish guitar” and “Bach Volume 1”.

He is contributing to the music industry, helping thousands of artists with record labels, and contributing to the guitar worldthrough his record label, Sapphire Records.

This shows that Veslocki is the most sorted out for his music production strategies. His also work show us the significance of music producers.

Why is that so?

The answer is that the role of the good music producer is undeniable, as a good music producer is a visionaryresponsible forarranging the sounds of a track or entire album to make it a hit.To create a such piece, music producersmust listen, experiment, and explore numerous creative processes to make a songimpactful. All these happen because of a music producer’s professional qualities, as they have a vast and diverse understanding of music technology.

They are the leaders whose musical understanding andother studio technologies give them ideas abouthow they impact a track by creating tones from different instruments and voices.

Therefore, music producers may succeed in different music and audio production areas. Some may excel at mixing, others at panning, and some even at sound design. No matter in which genre they excel, all music producers share two things: creativity and the practical aspect of sound knowledge.

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