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Where is the future of education?

According to the current situation, all countries need to work together as they don’t have any other option. This is one of the turning points like happened in the past. During these days of the pandemic, we are facing a big challenge for education almost 1 Billion peoples are not attending school.

No doubt this pandemic release a deep effect in the form of a crisis & this crisis would be really difficult to be covered in the future. This is really challenging for the world.

Still, No one planned for the upcoming future they don’t know what to do next to prioritize the education sector. Most countries are already facing funding gaps for their education, Arm conflicts and Climate challenges & their funding gap is going to be higher than before.

Effect of Pandemic on Education

This pandemic has done collective failure for the education sector especially. This is not wrong if I say that the future of education is at high risk. As UN secretary warned that this is going to be the biggest disruption in history. There are many of the children who may never take a step to their school again. This could be a big loss for their future. This will create poverty, Weakened the infrastructure of organizations and civil societies.

According to Yasmine Sheriff director if the education we cannot wait to make our education system secure & we cannot allow the young generation to spoil their education instead of what we can do is to maximize our process to bring youngers as well as children’s back to school as soon as possible. More than 250 Million are already out of school and more than 30 Million are forced to live as refugees should make it possible by taking all the necessary steps that they can continue their education.

This is the time for the global community of education to step forward. And save our education to secure the future of our young generation. World bank and civil societies regarding coalition raises alarm for the whole generation are at risk. There is a need for rich countries a financial investment for countries. Those are facing poverty and other education crisis.

Bottom Line

There is a much need for financial funding needed to stands with these valuable men’s and women’s. The current situation really defines the moment of our life. We all know that we cannot achieve fundamental development without education. Education is the right of every citizen. That’s why the human rights organization is taking steps and announcing policies to bring back the education sector to work.

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We should now take aggressive steps to make our education system flexible and fit for any condition. Learn from the past make it for tomorrow.

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