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How to Analyze Your Software Requirements Specification

A web-based Software interface is provided where a customer can easily log in and can select the desired service and can search the work center according to the service being required. He is able to rate the workman and he can also provide feedback regarding the worker and the quality of the service. If the user feels any problem in the quality of service and if he’s not comfortable with the behavior of any worker, he has full right to submit a complaint. The system must be in accordance with users’ satisfaction in order to get highly reputed among different service provider companies.

The Admin side must be available to secure the login details and other info about customers and about the organization’s reputation. In case of any help, this system should be able to provide online assistance in order to fulfill the needs and satisfy their customers. The aim of your project should be a lessen the customer’s burden so that he can get rid of other formalities of hiring a person for getting any utility service and different kinds of delays.

Android SDK, Visual Studio 2015, Adobe Photoshop, Java, and SQLServer database could some of the tools that will be used.


If you are creating a web-based application that has modules such as registration of customers, skilled workman, area wise searching of service centers, requesting for a service, providing

Feedbacks and ratings about the quality of his services and workman. Complaints if customers

Your app must be able to create a road map to a particular customer’s address.

  • Software Engineering: The Module will help you to design and documented my Final year project.
  • Object-Oriented Programming: Documentation will help you to integrate and learn object-oriented approaches and classes.
  • Database Concepts: The concepts will Help in using internal database concepts.

If Your project is basically about providing routine services as the purpose must easily understandable the name of Software. See The existing system if it is manual which has a lot of problems. Regarding the quality of service and behavior of workmen and other delays.

Your system must provide utility services which we all need at our homes, offices. Or in any building like utility services of a plumber, electrician, carpenter, and painter, etc. These services must be online for comforting customers. Your application lessens the customers’ work in order to go to any shop and the tiring procedure of getting services with lots of problems in quality and others as well.


The waterfall method is selected by us for the development of your project and in this framework of software development, development proceeds in a sequence through a series of phases. These phases are system requirements analysis, product release, and maintenance.

Software Requirements Graph

Waterfall Model of Software Development Life Cycle
The rationale behind Selected Methodology

The waterfall method is selected by students for the development of their system as it has many advantages for developers.

In this method, there is an emphasis on requirements and design before implementation. Which reduces the time wastage and schedule slippage in the development process. As we thoroughly analyze the feasibility of the requirements before implementing them. The model could also improve the effeciency of the developed system.

Finally, as we analyzed the requirements and end up with formal specifications before implementation.

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