How Tech Boom has Disrupted the Education Industry For Today and Forever

On one side, technology has shaved millions of workforce with automation, while on the other, it has helped billions more lives to learn what experts call the “Digital Century“. In the past several years, digitalization has boosted human learning far more deep-rooted than in any millennium. Today, both stalwart and novice startups are leveraging technology to aid more consumers in their services.

Be it BYJU’s digital learning models or Udemy’s course framework; many online learning companies are deploying virtual learning more hastily than ever before. And why wouldn’t they? Recent projections show that the e-learning market worldwide is expected to surpass $243 billion by 2022, marking a robust 81% votes by the US Students affirming that e-learning has helped them achieve good grades.

To scoop more, we scavenged the insides of the online learning industry and found that major Ed-Tech firms are using three prominent solutions to fuel their market share. To spill the beans, here are the top three tech trends that every Ed-Tech company should know about.

Edtech Trends That Will Disrupt Education Sector In 2021

Digitization in Ed-Tech Ecosystem

Technology has shapeshifted the century-old education models more rapidly than one could expect. Thanks to digitalization, many Ed-Tech companies now partner with top React Native App Development Comapny to stand strong today on a close to a miracle pedestal. With their student-friendly user interface and content-rich syllabus, many Ed-Tech companies aid millions of students in providing easy-to-approach education on an on-demand basis.

“In March 2020, when Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO, education app downloads surged 90% globally compared to the weekly average in the fourth quarter of 2019.”

Moreover, these enterprises are also supported by affordable internet access that has generated a new wave of socialism amongst students in the 21st Century. With a plethora of coursework to choose from, students are exposed to various unique amenities like adaptive learning and quick problem solving that engage them to stay for more extended periods on apps or websites, thus creating viable business values.

Great Unbundling of Education

As the human race evolved from their predecessors, so did their education. Today, most students are known to upskill their credentials using online methods against polishing resumes with recognized qualifications. Learning core industry skills in soft skills, many novice learners have profited from such learning mechanisms and have made their future more employment-proofed.

In addition to this, many Ed-Tech companies such as Lambda and Learn In are also deploying specific-course learning structures, which help in targeting industry-wise learners. Their efficient mobile apps and clean websites allow scholars to focus on single-minded core skills and increase their productivity over time. These models are still adopted in the Ed-Tech industry, but with an overwhelming result from worldwide firms, it is a sure-footed growth factor for the upcoming businesses.

AI & Learning Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the major fourth industrial revolutions that have been a “Master Stroke” in the Ed-Tech business. With immersive learning methods and specified skill levels for each scholar, Ed-Tech firms can now explore a new array of user data and assess them better than they used to. What’s more interesting here is the mixing of AI with learning experience that has resulted in every generation to cope up with their similar-age groups at their own learning pace.

Such a set of models also helps students to leverage a website’s additional features like feedback, track report and personalized learning options. These features have provided in-depth research analysis for learners and quickly narrow down their strengths, shortcomings, and proficiency more accurately than manual education. Thus, it has never been a more proficient time for such companies to provide fruitful services to their customers and provide them invaluable results.

The Bottom Line

Many business leaders have understood the scope of technology in the education industry. With lots of upgrades and worldwide tech trends, it makes sense to start early for any entrepreneur and reap prosperous profits. With more, the increasing usage of the internet and a new wave of the pandemic has already stormed the demand, which experts believe will last for more than anyone can assume.

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