In the past, the World has dealt with many other pandemics but COVID-19 is spreading very fast. It can easily spread through a normal cold. Currently, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been spread throughout the world. it also affects our daily routines of life as well as all academic institutions and many other aspects of our life. Parents are scared to send their children to educational institutions because these are the institution from where the pandemic can spread unbelievingly fast. The closing of educational institutions ensures that if we limit the interactions between people, we could be able to deal with the spread of COVID-19 on a large scale.

That’s why government officials in almost every country in the world make a decision to close all schools, colleges, and universities to overcome the health crisis caused by this pandemic.

Many assessments of all educational institutions have been canceled due to lockdown. According to OECD on 13 March 2020, about 421 million children are affected because of the implementation of lockdown announced by the government, especially in the countries where the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is heavy like China, America, Italy, and Iran.  Lockdown of institutions causes delayed teaching for students in all regions of the world. Because of the cancellation of exams students are upgraded to the next class. This may cause a huge gap in the learning capabilities of the student because not only the assessments are delayed of their previous class as well as they would study the only the smart syllabus of the next class.

COVID-19 not only interrupts to internal infrastructure of the institution but also affects them externally. All matters related to education are moving online. Though it is the simplest way of learning it charges a lot because not all families can afford cell phones, tablets, and laptops as well as heavy charges of internet packages. Families that can afford these tools of technology have two or three children studying at the same time so they all can not take a part in the virtual classroom simultaneously. The other main problem is the unawareness of using modern technology, students and teachers are not fully aware to maintain online classes.

Meanwhile, the online system of education is not appropriate from all aspects because we are not completely sure of the correctness of online assessments, the careers of 2020’s University graduate is severely affected because these students are facing much more difficulties and interruptions in their online assessments. Not only students but teachers are also adopting contents from an online platform, parents are suffering from anxiety because of the lack of awareness of educating their own children. Students are also facing isolation which affects them mentally because they are in the situation of home-schooling because of the unavailability of educational instructors. Students are learning through distance learning by using online programs.

If we talk about the achievements of students the level of achievement is not certain because students are upgraded according to their previous educational grades. A big worry for parents is when schools will reopen after lockdown their children will return with lower achievements, it affects the overall performance of students.


The rapid spread of coronavirus left careers of 421 million students across 37 countries at stake. To overcome the effect of COVID-19 on the department of education we have to work hard and do our best so we can come out from this crisis as soon as possible. The role of almost every field is important in this aspect. For future transformation, some solutions are as follows.

Role of Government:

It is recommended that the Government should provide loans to low-feed private schools. The government should also introduce repayment of bank loans, Income Tax refunds at least for a year, and advance Tax penalty that was charged on late payment should be extended without extra charges. By using these recommendations, we can change the impact of the pandemic on educational institutions, which may prevent our students from suffering and also provide the latest spectrum of the educational sector.

The partnership of public and private sector:

In developing countries to compensate for the huge loss of students the partnership of the public & private sector is important because if both educational sectors use the joint strategy of learning it would be a fruitful trend in the history of education. It also benefits educational reforms and proves to be in favor of the student teaching process.

Cost of online education:

In developing countries, all families cannot afford the cost of accessing online education by using different tools of technology like Big Blue Button, Google Classroom and WhatsApp, etc. It is important to reduce the cost of the online education system. The concerned authorities should keep in touch with the education department to get their feedback regarding online education and solve their problems respectively.

Online learning:  

Due to the lockdown and lack of interaction between students and teachers the learning process of students is limited online. Students are studying online without any tutor on their own, it is not an appropriate decision but it is a relief that not all schools, colleges and universities will remain close forever. To decrease the interruptions in regular education it is necessary that many online platforms should provide free online educational courses, tools, and affordable programs to encourage students to continue their studies at home.

Role of Media:

The role of media is very important because media have offered immediate information related to the disease. It is the responsibility of media that they tell public safety tips to decrease the effects of COVID-19 on their daily life routines. They acquaint them with various techniques occasionally so instructive organizations pay attention to them and apply them in schools to forestall COVID-19. Visual media and social media should not spread fake news which can cause anxiety and anger between students. In this way, students will feel themselves under pressure. So, it is the need of today that students could be relaxed which is important for their physical as well as their mental health.

Counseling of parents:

It is important to counsel the parents of students because it is difficult for parents with limited education to help their children with an online learning environment. It will help such parents to deal with the problems related to the current situation and make productive use of their time and help their children to overcome this crisis.


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