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5 Elements of an Online Course Website that Converts like Crazy

Online courses are usually launched through course websites and apps. It’s an icing on the cake if you are launching your courses through your branded course platform.

Hence, the components of your course website or app are crucial factors in making your online education business successful.

However, it could be a constant struggle for educators to document their knowledge & convert it into a highly valuable online course. Especially when you are a budding course creator, this might seem a little daunting. Though understandably there is no one-size-fits-all formula of launching a wildly successful create and sell courses online website, following a few tips would highly increase your chances.

5 Elements of a perfect Online Course Website

Before you put all your efforts into building an online course business for you, it’s important that you know what goes into developing a powerful course website.

1. Robust and Reliable Platform to Host Your Course

Choose the comprehensive course hosting platform like Spayee which will be best- suited to your needs. It would be one of the most important steps you will take before publishing your online course. Choosing a course platform beforehand will give you ample time to explore the platform & make sure of the available features.

2. Quality Course Content

Your course content needs to be effective, top-notch & clutter-free. Nothing can & will replace the importance of producing high-quality and credible online course content. Ultimately, your goal should be to get as many referrals as possible by pleasing your current set of learners. Make a point of creating genuine, informative & presentable course content.

Keep in mind that it’s no more classroom coaching.

3. Subject Matter Experts

If you introduce subject matter experts at times, you will build your brand & attract more learners. It gives a message to your learners that the courses are credible is curated by experts of the field. Partnering up with your fellow educators will also help you in building the network.

4. Testimonials

Having reviews & testimonials shared by your past students is one of the things you MUST have on your course platform. These are the one thing you MUST have on your course platform. Within Spayee, you can moderate the reviews & publish only the genuine ones. It serves as social proof & builds your credibility.

Don’t get afraid of negative points. Try to take it as feedback & improve wherever there is a scope. It’s fair to produce reviews so that your potential learners can look it up.

5. Easy Enrollment Procedure

Keep a one to the two-step checkout process. Keep an easy, no-fuss enrollment process will ensure that students don’t leave mid-way while trying to sign up. It’s ideal to choose a platform which allows an easy checkout process. Even if you are running your ads, send them directly to your course landing page without revolving around different sections within the online course platform.

Make sure you invest ample time to explore various course hosting options available & choose the one which is the right fit for you. Build the best online course platform now.

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