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What size trailer do I need for 3 motorcycles?

Motorcyclists happen to find their bikes the most valuable asset which they can’t part with. It includes taking proper care of it while riding and transporting it from one place to another. While transporting one motorcycle is an easy task, which can be done through a van or a truck, transit of more than one need a much bigger trailer.

Besides, moving multiple motorcycles at the same time not only requires professional guidance but expert tools too. Using common tools can make the entire transit tricky and trouble for you when transporting. Moreover, it can also lead to damage to the motorcycle as well as add on to your cost of repairs.

This brings us to ask the most important question: What size of trailer will be best for transporting three motorcycles? This blog presents a valuable guide for all those who want to transport multiple motorcycles and detailing the right size of the trailer for transit.

Transporting 3 Motorcycles at a time

In comparison to moving one motorcycle, transporting 3 motorcycles needs a little more understanding. There are certain things to keep in consideration during transit. This includes:

  • What is the size of the motorcycle?

Small motorcycles will need a comparatively smaller size trailer, while that of dirt bikes would need a larger trailer. A 6 x 12 trailer is considered best for smaller motorcycles. Moreover, another point to take into consideration is the design of the bike and the trailer. There should be sufficient room inside the trailer to carry all three motorcycles without tipping them down.

  • For larger motorcycles

The crux of securing motorcycles is to arrange the bikes properly rather than just aligning them to save space. However, the best arrangement for securing the bikes in the trailer is placing the middle bike facing front and the other two facing backward. This will save sufficient space for all three bikes. Besides, you can also have them all facing forward, by placing them a little ahead of the other bike so that they do not clash with one another. Also, after placing them securely, it is best to tie down all three bikes in the trailer.

  • How to move more than 3 motorcycles in a trailer?

While moving 3 motorcycles in a trailer is a feasible thing, mobbing than 3 or 4 motorcycles can be quite a task. If the bikes are of varying sizes and small, a trailer of 7 x 14 size will be able to fit motorcycles well. Most trailers of this size comprise additional features like inbuilt racks and chocks, which will help fit all the bikes inside the trailer. However, herein too, the important criterion is checking the maximum bearing load of the trailer’s axle. If the bike and trailer’s total weight is uneven, it can be difficult to transport the motorcycle.

 Moving 2 motorcycle

On the other side, if there are more than one and less than three motorcycles to be transported, then the trailer’s size will vary. Herein, a trailer of the size 5 x 8 will be able to stack two motorcycles. However, you would need to align them properly in the opposite direction or ahead of one another to keep both the motorcycles in proper condition. Ensure to tie down both the bikes tightly, so they don’t topple down.

What are the other ways of moving multiple motorcycles in a trailer?

Apart from the trailer’s size, there are few more points to take into consideration when moving multiple motorcycles. These are as follows:

  • Total space

The size of the trailer listed in this blog is only of the interior measurements. However, when it comes to counting the space for storage, external measurements also play an important role. Thus, it is suggested to check the space left for the garage in the trailer.

  • Opt for wheel chocks

Wheel chocks are the best tools when it comes to securing your motorcycle in one place. Using a high-quality wheel chock and strategically installing them would ensure the front and rear tires are not sliding off.

  • Axle trailers

When you have staggered multiple motorcycles, using an axle trailer will ensure the ride is smoother as the weight gets distributed evenly.

  • Loading it using a ramp

Another important aspect is using a nice inclining ramp using which you can load and push the bike into the trailer. The trailer’s height is thereby important as if the height is lower, then it is easier to load and push the bike securely inside the trailer. Moreover, it will be easy to transport bikes without damage.

Use an appropriately sized trailer to move your bikes without damage to the destination.

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