Jooli Shifts to the Next Level of the Social Commerce Era in India

With the expansion of the digital market, Jooli is establishing itself as a stronger platform for short-form video content. To capitalize on its promising future and provide more motivation to its merchants and consumers, Jooli has introduced new methods that add high potential to its success. The main element of this will be social commerce. For merchants who lack marketing means, but want to scale the business, Jooli is a one-stop platform to showcase their pure craftsmanship and unique products.

Jooli has begun working with merchants in various markets. Starting with Germany, Jooli has established a platform for selling products directly to millions of users from the merchant’s website redirected by the app. In other words, Jooli is working with brands that are looking to gain a digital push in India before expanding globally.

Jooli has been testing and learning with e-commerce and relationships, and is constantly focusing on new ways to add value. Updates will be offered as it discovers these essential opportunities for its communities of creators, users and brands.

Jooli was first launched in Germany and received a great response. Considering the success and opportunity Jooli holds, it was now launched in India in December 2021. Within a short span of three months, customers and merchants have shown their trust with more than 250,000 thousand downloads.

Video content is a hot cake worldwide, and other platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and even Facebook are now pushing it to grab consumer attention and convert it into a transaction. While these brands’ basic goal is entertainment, Jooli purely focuses on providing a platform to merchants and serious buyers. Jooli strongly peruses merchants on board to focus on presenting the product features, behind-the-scenes content, and brand stories. This content helps build strong relationships and trust between the buyer and the seller.

Given this, it’s a little revelation to look at the platform shifting to the next phase of testing in the US, which, as understood, is the likely next step for the app. While Jooli has made huge achievements in building a decent user base in India, it’s even in the early phases of getting more merchants worldwide onboard. With its zero-cost structure, the platform’s top stars refrain from drifting off to other platforms, where they might have invested a larger sum for promotional and marketing perspectives.

As Jooli plans to go global, it offers a great opportunity for buyers and sellers. The brands or merchants can reach a huge customer base and market worldwide without spending a fortune. On the other hand, shoppers can surf through thousands of products worldwide to their liking. Jooli thus serves the purpose of helping the small and medium-sized businesses shine and get established.

In an interview, Sanjay Sharma, Head of Sales at Jooli, was asked about its future. ”Well, I would say that our goal is to generate employment for the businesses lacking opportunity and support. In addition, we want to make the journey of a consumer super convenient from finding the perfect product to connecting with the merchant directly.”

In just two months, India has become the hub of managing Jooli globally. Jooli India doubled the number of channels and grew to more than 250,000 downloads in two months. Just “Jooli it!” – Prashant Sharma – Co-Founder, Jooli.

Jooli holds the power of changing the landscape of Indian social commerce, and with its early success, this is evident.

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