How could business owners stay ahead of competition?

Owning a business is hard, but running a business is more challenging than you can imagine.

Making and sustaining your place in the business world is not child’s play. This journey of making your mark in the corporate world comes with a lot of hard work. And even if you have a breakthrough for your brand, you may still have to compete with the big players in the market.

If you don’t work with a planned mindset when working alongside your competition, you might lose your success. You have to always find ways to stay ahead of competition. You need to consult a business specialist who is experienced in making startups flourish.

Here are some business coaches you should consider consulting or reading their books about being unbeatable in the market.

  1. Nick Loper

Nick Loper is an entrepreneur and the Chief Hustler in the Side Hustle Nation. Side Hustle Nation is an entrepreneur coaching company founded in 2013 by Nick. The website won the Plutus Award for the Best Entrepuenership Blog in 2016and the best podcast in 2018. Over the years, he has written seven books on entrepreneurship, side hustle, and marketing.

2.    John Maxwell

John Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and business coach. Maxwell is the New York Times best-selling author who has sold over 23 million copies of his books in numerous languages. He is called the country’s No.1 leadership authority. He is also identified as the most popular leadership expert in the world.

3.    Jay Abraham

Regarding Entrepreneur coaching, Jay Graham has spent his lifetime correcting the mistakes of languishing startups. He has helped many new entrepreneurs get them into the business game. Working with over 10,000 clients in different industries worldwide has given him good exposure and knowledge about the problems that new startups face.

4.    Barry Moltz

Barry is an American speaker in small business, working with hundreds of clients. He is a member of the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Moreover, he has taught entrepreneurship at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He has hosted numerous TV shows where he has shared his thoughts about new businesses and startups.

5.    Solomon Babajide

Solomon Babajide is an accomplished management practitioner with over 45 years of international experience. He was Chief Executive Officer at one of SEABOARD CORPORATION’s largest non-petroleum American investments in Nigeria, West Africa, and Group Coordinator at SEABOARD GROUP, Nigeria.

Solomon was on multiple international boards – in diverse industries including manufacturing, finance, and service: for-profit and non-profit. He is acknowledged as specializing in starting organizations, raising them to successful operational levels, and providing direction to management executives that continue to sustain them – most times under his supervision. Solomon retired as Group Coordinator from Seaboard Corporation’s Nigeria operations (Life Flour Mill Limited, Top Feeds Limited, and Delta Packaging Company Limited) in 1998. Still, he continued to offer his extensive management experience as a business coach to several business initiatives – locally and internationally.

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