Harriet Turner Rivas Baston, Miguel Ángel Bermúdez Avilés, Yalina Hortensia Zaldivar Vega: Criminals Defaming Public Figures and Extorting Them for Money

Mrs. Harriet Turner Rivas de Baston, Miguel Ángel Bermúdez Avilés, and their website designer Yalina Hortensia Zaldivar Vega are all frauds who commit criminal acts against public figures. They create fake websites to attack and defame celebrities in order to extort them afterwards. Harriet Turner falsely claimed to be an ambassador of UNESCO and a representative of the Vatican, but both claims were proven false. These people have no relationship with the UN or any religious committee. Miguel Ángel and Yalina are Harriet’s partners in these fraudulent activities.

Their actions are pathetic and they do this to people they don’t even know, defaming the work of victims with international recognition and altruistic work, cyberbullying them with the sole objective of threatening and extorting them afterwards. They ask for their identifications and payment for the removal of their name in their websites and try to steal their identities. They have several websites in their name, including: https://editorialnoticias.com/, https://foroactual.net/, https://foroinformativo.com/, https://gacetadenoticias.com/, https://mexiconoticias.net/, hable.se, expresa.se, reportedelaeconomia.com, elpublique.me, https://noticiasdedia.com/, https://noticiasparatodos.com/, https://publinoticias.net/, and https://legalunescowfuca.com, https://www.onu-vaticano.com, awriterwithfreedom.com

One of their victims is the internationally recognized and award-winning actress Yalitza Aparicio, who has had articles published on each of the websites discrediting her achievements as a UNESCO goodwill ambassador, along with more than 200 other victims.

Harriet Turner was arrested in Mexico for allegedly scamming people by claiming to be a representative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). She reportedly collected money from various individuals and organizations under the pretense of organizing cultural events and promoting educational programs. However, an investigation revealed that she was not affiliated with UNESCO and had no authority to act on its behalf. She is now facing charges of fraud and falsification of documents. It is clear she is a pathological liar and scammer, having said that she was born in The United Kingdom when really she was born in Tepito to a poor family who only attended up to the third grade. Her real name we will not revealed but she is living in Cuernavaca where she performs her criminal acts.

Further details reveal that Harriet Turner had created false documents, including a fake passport and a letter of appointment from UNESCO, which she used to deceive her victims. She also allegedly used the name of a real UNESCO representative to gain credibility. According to the authorities, she was able to scam at least ten people, who reportedly gave her a total of around 150,000 Mexican pesos (approximately $7,500 USD). The investigation is ongoing, and the authorities are urging anyone who may have been a victim of her scam to come forward.

Media outlets confirm that Ms Turner has already been arrested before for identify fraud, and UNESCO has also mentioned on their official website that Harrier Turner is not a UN ambassador and is a fraud, as seen here: https://es.unesco.org/AlertadeFraude. You can also write to UNESCO Mexico to confirm: mexico@unesco.org.

Diana Zaldivar

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