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Business app? Want? The solution is simply simpler than you thought

Business app in 5 minutes

Let’s face it, the world today is built on apps. Facebook, Wise, Instagram, apps for ordering food deliveries, ordering cheap clothes. And reminders about drinking, food, sports, song recognition, finding Pokemon, and whatnot.

Our cell phone fills up every time with more and more apps that we did not even know we needed. And there is a reason for it. Apps have some obvious advantages that make them a must-have product on any phone. We are willing to sometimes pay money to get full access to the world at the click of a button.

Before we talk about why it is so important to turn your website into a native android and ios apps. And how it is possible at all, we will first understand how apps upgrade our quality of life. Our experience as users, customers, and most importantly, as advertisers:

Applications open up options for us to locate the surfer’s location using GPS Geo-location technologies. This means that the phone’s navigation capability allows us to advertise to the user through his location. Great for physical businesses with a clear address, such as shops, restaurants, cultural institutions, and more.

Apps use to access various applications on the phone, such as the photo album, calendar, and contact list. Once the surfer has confirmed access to these vital details, the advertising options are almost limitless.

The visibility of apps is higher than that of a website because a website needs to actively search in search engines. An application icon, on the other hand, is found on the phone screen in front of the surfer’s eyes and encourages him to enter it.


Apps allow you to send messages and reminders to the surfer with special offers and etc.

Apps are modular in that they adapt to the surfer and offer him a personalized experience, which increases the chance that he will become a paying customer.

The applications are written in a programming language that is compatible with the operating system on which they are based (for example, Android or Apple) and maximizes the capabilities inherent in any such system.

An app is downloaded for free or purchased for a fee in the app store of the same operating system and can significantly leverage the business visibility.

Sounds great right? Now, how do you convert your website into an app and create a business app that will be visible in the app stores?

The answer is whether you want the hard and expensive way or the easy way and turn a responsive website into an app for your business, whose costs are not high either.

If you prefer to go pay an app developer and wait until the product is ready, do not keep reading.

If you want to understand how it can be made much simpler. We will reveal a little professional secret to you:

At the system, you will find easy and simple instructions on how to turn your site into an android and ios apps, including all the benefits we mentioned above. The service is provided at a ridiculous cost of about $ 14.9 /m, with a few clicks of a button. Your site can also move a few steps into the future and make itself accessible to surfers and buyers in a much more efficient way.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to this wonderful technology and it comes from the direction of the operating systems themselves, i.e. Google and Android. Their only condition for approving the change is that the apps will provide added value to surfers. Beyond image or advertisements, Therefore, 99% of the sites are suitable for change. But if your site does not offer surfers some “extra”, Google and Apple will not approve the app for your business.

Who is the service suitable for?

To everyone, including everyone. As long as the site meets the conditions we mentioned, he can become a business app. There is no reason that almost a jubilee into the 2000s, your business will not have a business app. From now on, your business icon will start on the phone screen of your clients. And will create a positive change in the number of leads and sales.

Contact us now and we will explain how to create a business app in 5 minutes. And your customers will be able to download it from the Google and Apple app stores.

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