Break Free of the Cage and Fly with Black Girls On The Go

Every time you see a woman, they look beautiful, happy, and free, but are they? Women have had to deal with society’s heinous side; you may not be able to see their scars or wounds because of how well they carry themselves.

While from the outside, we look free and may seem like we have no restrictions, we are constantly held captive by the boundaries laid out by society and sometimes even our family. Although every woman has shackles around her feet, holding her back, being a black woman worsens these circumstances. 

Black women have been fighting for the bare minimum—to be seen, heard, and given the same respect as women from other races. Luckily, there is a platform that sees these women for who they are—an essential and equal part of society.

This platform is none other than Shay Sane’s Black Girls On The Go® (BGOTG). 


A Platform Expanding Horizons for Black Women

Black Girls On The Go® has been helping black ladies get rid of all the boundaries and limitations holding them back and affecting their mental health. BGOTG is a platform that began when Shay Sane, an independent black woman, found her way to the top after struggling with various problems, including mental health issues. 

Driven by the passion for breathing back wellness, happiness, and energy into the lives of women in the black community, BGOTG has played a significant role in helping black women heal from years of trauma inflicted by society.

Through this platform, black women can become free birds and soar high in the open air by prioritizing their mental health through informative and recreational ways, including travel. 


Soar High with BGOTG

One of the main reasons black women continue to suffer is that they don’t have a place to voice their opinions or talk about their struggles. Not to forget, they don’t have sufficient platforms where their struggles and experiences are experienced. 

Black Girls On The Go® understands the importance of black representation and how essential support from the same community can be, which is why they welcome all ladies of the community. So, all black women can interact with women with the same experiences, same sufferings, etc., and help each other in this journey. 

This platform is for black women, irrespective of age, background, etc. Black Girls On The Go® leverages educational and recreational events to offer these women a breath of fresh air where they can gradually heal and learn to become independent. 

Therefore, BGOTG hosts seminars, conferences, etc., to promote active discussion. To work on their mental well-being, black women can engage in a judgment-free discussion about their problems in a safe and nurturing space. 

Moreover, to get a break from their daily lives, BGOTG assists these women in taking on exciting traveling adventures to let loose. 

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