An Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

The Desert Safari is a truly exciting holiday tour for both sightseeing and adventurous activities. A visit to the famous Dubai will give you an opportunity to explore some of the world’s most amazing attractions. If you are a wildlife lover then this is the right place to be. […]

Chinese Government fines billions of dollars on Alibaba

The Chinese government has fined the world’s largest online portal Alibaba billions of dollars under anti-monopoly (anti-monopoly) law. According to a report released by the British News Agency, Chinese regulators say that the Internet giant (Alibaba) has been taking undue advantage of its dominance in the market for many […]

NASA Helicopter Ready to fly to Mars!

The US space agency NASA has announced that the NASA helicopter “Ingenuity”. Which landed on Mars with the “Perseverance Rover”, is ready to make its maiden flight. However, this first flight will not be possible before April 11. Because until then, in the specific conditions of Mars, Ingenuity will […]